Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WOYWW 128: Many Gifts and Talents

Here is part of my craft room this morning.

On a pile of boxes,
I am working on a canvas 
commissioned by a very nice lady.
She gave me the words below
which she wanted put on a canvas.
My problem is I don't draw men
very well (unless it's somebody with
a beard like Jesus and the disciples!)
So this is a girl again!!

    Gandhiji’s Talisman

    I will give you a talisman.  Whenever
you are in doubt, or when the self
becomes too much with you, apply
the following test.

    Recall the face of the poorest and
the weakest man whom you may have
 seen,  and ask yourself,  if the step you
contemplate is going to be of any use
to him.  Will he gain anything by it?
Will it restore him to a control over
his own life and destiny?  In other
words,  will it lead to swaraj for the
hungry and spiritually starving millions?

    Then you will find your doubt and
your self melting away.

 On my journal:
The story of the 
in Luke 19
got me to thinking about
my gifts and talents,
if there were any gifts
I was not aware of,
that I was not using.

God gave us many gifts,
talents, capabilities, 
and He gave them for us to use,
to prosper us,
to fulfill us
and give meaning to our lives.
He meant for us to share 
what we have with others,
and for us to build 
His Kingdom here on earth.

It is good to take an inventory 
of our gifts and talents,
the resources we have at our disposal,
give thanks for all of it,
and see if there is something more
we can do with it, so that
when we see Him face to face,
He will say to us,
"Well done, good and faithful servant!"

Joining the lovely Julia for a 
peek at desks and projects!

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Be blessed!


  1. Good day to you this Wednesday! I like your box pile workdesk, I would feel right at home, I have many piles too...great canvas and that is a lot of words to add to it. Good luck finishing it off. I agree, men are harder to paint than women.

  2. Lovely new creations in the make...we are good at counting others talents and not being proud of our own. The everyday little things count too. Now I'm 40 - I'm starting to get there and be proud of me!!!! Thanks for sharing today, Sarah at 2.

  3. Great paintings :) TFS
    Happy woywwing
    Jennie #7

  4. Beautiful crafting - thank you for sharing - lovely to have a peep at your space - Hazel WOYWW #43 x

  5. Hi there; thank you for sharing your place of creativity with us this week, it was great to pop in and visit. I am always encouraged here so bless you.
    Neil #58

  6. Lovely artwork as always! I did my first portrait at an art class last week - am very pleased with it! Thanks for sharing. Sunshine Girl – No 34

  7. Things are all looking very creative in your space. I like the work in progress, looks like it's going to be a good one.

    ** Kate ** #68

  8. Your creative space looks so tranquil and always such beautiful art.

  9. Just doing a quick pass through today ... I am get everyone visited!!! Lovely art work.
    Happy WOYWW
    Cathy xx #19

  10. Anonymous9:49 PM

    What a great desk and your canvas is great, I am sure they will be delighted with it. Have a great day, Laura

  11. Oh your customer is going to be so pleased! I like the step-back photo of your room today, nice light - and how nice to see something of your own art on the walls.

  12. Absolutely fantabulous work Patsy!

    Thanks for the peek and sharing. Hope you are having a great WOYWW,
    xoxo Marjo #109

  13. Congratulations on the commission! It looks like it is coming along well! Love the picture of your work space! It looks warm and inviting! Great journal page as well! -Amanda #5

  14. great journal page, something I mull over every now and again; and your canvas is looking great

  15. Beautiful painting. I love the girls look and your office is nicely organized. Blessings, Nona

  16. The commission is coming along beautifully and I really love the piece hanging on your wall. Happy WOYWW #18 ~Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

  17. Beautiful words - both of them. The canvas looks HUGE - you are so talented.
    Hugs, Neet #9

  18. That looks quite a large canvas you’re working on Patsy.
    I love the background colours and the little houses are so sweet.

    Happy Crafting!
    Sue (#65)

  19. What talent you have Patsy and I am sure you will share it with so many others. We love our glimpse into your world each week. x Jo #64

  20. Your artwork is so lovely! And what fun to peek into your studio!

  21. Loved my visit to your studio -- and with you, dear friend, too. Sometimes we get into a rut with our talents and forget a talent can be pulled and stretched, divided and new uses and discarding those bestowed on us by someone other than God. I need to check up on myself.

  22. For being number 1 at WOYWW this week, I'm awfully late visiting. I'm so sorry I'm late, but, after a computer crash I had to stop by and get a bit of inspiration from your lovely drawings. The lady from Nov 16 is especially lovely. And I'm sure you'll do fine with men.


I am so glad you dropped by! You are a blessing!
:^) Patsy