Friday, October 19, 2012

Tell Your Story!

When I saw this background,
I saw the funny hair,
and thought,
"Dare I?"

I did! 
She looks Thai!
Ephesians 1:12 reads:
" that we might exist
for the praise of His glory."

How do we manifest God's glory
in the everydayness of life?
NOT through a change of hairstyle definitely!
I think we allow God's glory 
to shine through us,
when we allow His love
to reach out to others through us,
when we are peacemakers,
when we are contagious
with our joy, faithfulness,
and enthusiasm!

Evangelization is not about 
delivering the right facts
(knowing bible verses by heart,
knowing who some 
obscure bible character is).
of God's mercy and presence-
a story only you can tell!
And that's another way
to reflect God's glory!

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  1. I love that you dared! I really also like the blue and gold tones, and swirls! As always , lovely!

  2. Just beautiful, Patsy!
    You are SUCH a tremendous blessing.
    Karen L
    Word Art Wednesday

  3. That hair is priceless! So glad you painted it!

  4. I love your art! It's so full oof energy. Enjoyed coming to you via Beholding Glory. Blessings. x

  5. Well spotted...seeing the possibility of faces is an art in itself:)

  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this, Patsy! I was just writing in my journal this week about the hurt and tension and guilt I still feel sometimes when I hear the word "evangelize." And the Lord reassured me with the very same message of your artwork here--it's simply about telling my story and about how it's all a bigger part of HIS story! Thanks so much for this encouragement today! Hugs, Sadee

  7. I love how you "found" the hair. I love both of your pieces.

  8. This indeed is an awesome work of art and the post too is quite interesting!

  9. smashing artwork. Happy PPF, Annette x

  10. Your artstyle is delightful and so real ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  11. I love your art and the words you speak.

  12. I always enjoy your art/quotes/scripture. You didn't disappoint me this time either. I love the quote about evangelism...SO TRUE. Thanks for blessing my day, Gail

  13. Beautiful faces...just love them!!So glad I found you!

  14. Your crazy hair is so fun and creative! Beautiful work!!

  15. Hi Patsy, I'm now a follower! Very beautiful work and great inspiration, thank you so much for sharing!

    Have a good day, Nancy

  16. Absolutely beautiful! I actually clicked to this from Julie FFB's AJED Fridays! So glad that someone I follow is doing that! Hugs. --Sandy Leigh

  17. I love that you saw that funny hair in there just waiting to come to life! Happy PPF!

  18. Beautiful work this week. Love that hairdo. Yes, joy is quite contagious and fun to share. Happy PPF

  19. Loving the hair! Your work is adorable... totally addicting!

  20. This is another joy... and I lve this leaping comment thingy beside me here... that is going to keep me smiling all day...xx

  21. Great work again this week!
    Love the first image especially with that amazing hair and color combination of browns and blues!!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  22. We make evangelism hard and frankly, unappealing. But when we do as you suggest, tell our stories of His grace intersecting our lives, well, that's a beautiful thing full of His glory.

    Your work never ceases to amaze me!

  23. Love your work and her hair is quite adorable, nice work.
    Annabelle m^._.^m

  24. Her hair is so cute!!

  25. The back-story of a painting... or a life, is always essential for deeper understanding. When we take time to really see each other we praise God's glory.

  26. My deepest heart desire is for God's glory to shine through me. So much glory that I can't be seen, only Him. I love your definition of Evangelism.

  27. love this and love the message...dare to step out and make a difference by telling our stories.

  28. As someone ith impossible hair I'm glad you found that crazy hair and turned it into a thing of beauty!

  29. Love that you went for the fun hair!! Telling your own story is another way to reflect God's glory... love that, Patsy! :)

  30. Another pretty artwork, Patsy! Funny how you see things forming with the background. Love it! Thanks for blessing us with your artwork at Word Art Wednesday and hope to see you in our Challenges every week. Praying for blessings in your life.

    JO ANN

  31. Anonymous6:50 AM

    Hi Patsy!,
    Beautiful work! & a great reminder to tell our story for His glory, after all, He wrote it!
    Blessings xo
    Here from In The Studio

  32. I absoultly LOVE LOVE LOVE your attitude towards art and everything. Loved reading this post, you dared and it turned out gorgeous aswell.

    Beautiful post!



  33. Allowing others to tell their story and letting their light shine is a beautiful thing. The art is amazing and I love your Bible phrases. Thank you. Blessings, Janet PPF


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