Friday, January 23, 2009


Miracles come to those who wait! I had such fun making this collage! This was one of my first pieces and I didn't know much about making interesting backgrounds with lots of layers and textures- I just put together all the pieces and not thinking much about what was going to come out. But it all came together and I liked it! Isn't that the important thing? In the Bible, God says, "It is very good!" after He creates the water and earth, the animals, etc. When we create, we're like our Father, we're imitating Him. "Like Father, like daughter!" I think God found such satisfaction when He came up with the interesting animals, the beautiful flowers, the glorious sunset, etc, that He wanted us to share in His great gift of creativity. I am just filled with gratitude when I think of this wonderful gift He gave us in His generosity!


  1. Just beautiful... all your creations are moving & heartfelt... I FELT the love immediately.

    So wonderful to cross paths with you!

    ~me :)

  2. oh i love this! i'd buy it in a heartbeat. my mom used to say this all the time when we were growing up. she still has to say it occasionally!


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