Friday, October 05, 2012

Keep Digging!

"In Christ every treasure of wisdom
and knowledge is hidden." Colossians 2:3

I'm doing the bible study with
we are on our third week.
Although I've read the bible from cover to cover,
this is the first time this verse sunk in.

Is it not, if one keeps digging, 
one ultimately finds something?
It doesn't matter if one is 
not smart,
if one is distracted,
if one does it out of routine or obedience,
if there's a treasure and you persist,
you will find it!

I'm going to keep digging,
because I've already found some treasure,
but I want some more!!!

I was looking for a woman
in this background
with a pearl.

"At the bottom of the chalice, 
there must be a pearl."
Father Raniero Cantalemessa,
who is the preacher to the Pope,
writes about the redemptive power 
implicit in all hardship and pain
(and we ALL have to go through that, don't we?
and wonder WHY, WHY ME???)

"What do you do to 
reassure someone that a particular drink
contains no poison?
You drink it yourself first,
in front of him.
This is what God has done for humanity:
he has drunk the bitter cup of passion...
At the bottom of the chalice,
there must be a pearl.
We know the name of that pearl:

There! Keep digging and we find pearls!!!

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  1. Amen to that Sis Patsy. Me too had read buble from cover to cover, but I always find pearl from God's word:)

  2. beautiful art and beautiful message, as usual! nothing like re reading a book to find hidden meanings and depth - imagine what the Bible can bring!

  3. Love the pearl painting.

  4. Love the art and the scripture,yes we have to keep digging to find the treasure from God.

  5. I like your ladies but especially the first one this week has a special charm to me. Happy PPF.l

  6. Great to see a painting emerge from the background. Sweet!

  7. These are wonderful! Happy PPF!

  8. Beautiful, Patsy! Yes, indeed... we need to keep going to find our treasure. Happy PPF

  9. Wonderful art work and philosophy ~ strong faith ~ love the bottom 4 paintings ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  10. beautiful paintings made from beautiful verses-thanks for sharing on AJED!

  11. Beautiful paintings!

  12. More beautiful portraits again this week!
    I've said it before, but I love how you show the process of creating your background and then finding the figures within or allowing them to emerge!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  13. I just love all your creativity!!! Very beautiful and soothing to the eye.

  14. Great painting! What a great idea to choose a commentor to receive a card! I love it!

  15. So wonderful! I love how the treasure is always there no matter how many times we've read the Bible or heard sermon after sermon! Always new because the Word is alive!

  16. I never tire of seeing you pull your paintings from your backgrounds!! Love it! Totally agree... "if there's a treasure and you persist, you will find it"... yes! :)

  17. Your art is just wonderful!

  18. you create such lovely backgrounds for your subjects!

  19. I've always known it's a living bible but when it comes alive it's sooooo.....COOL! Thanks for sharing, hugs!

  20. I love this Colossians verse. It doesn't matter where we find ourselves if we are faithful to dig God is faithful to give us truth to uncover.

  21. That is why God's Word is so is alive and it touches and teaches us in different ways every time we read it. Thanks for sharing and your work is lovely!

  22. what a wonderful, encouraging verse...thanks for your explanation of it, too!

  23. All your paintings are so beautiful and inspirational!

  24. oh all of the paintings look wonderful!!!!

  25. Just this weekend at the Aglow National Conference, Graham Cooke, the speaker, referred to the wilderness. He said, "The wilderness is a place where God takes you when He's happy with you. He's about to do something big in you to prepare you for the next thing." Not exactly the same thing as the pearl, but definitely related.

    And I just noticed in your sidebar that you're involved in jail ministry. Me too! So glad to connect with you each week through the True Vine Challenge. Thank you!

  26. You continue to inspire with your art. Just beautiful.

  27. Love the whimsical quality of your work!

  28. It never ceases to amaze me the way we keep finding pearls, specially the ones that have been there all the time and we suddenly notice.

  29. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Lovely art work and powerful message, thank you. Sometimes when things are hard you just need to hear to keep digging, keep going. God Bless.

  30. I had to get the Bible on that one. You are right, I have it underlined, but until I saw it on your blog, it jumped out at me. Thank you. I love the story you weaved through your art. Blessings, Janet PPF

  31. Beautiful. Digging always results in new discoveries. It's amazing.
    Thank you for sharing on Spiritual Sundays.


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