Monday, March 25, 2013

A Kingdom for our Prayers!

Last Saturday, my friend Mae, and I
did a "Creative Faith Journaling Workshop."
Mae taught about praying with the scriptures
and I taught the 'creative' part.

In 2006, (I think I've told this story before!)
I suddenly realized that even if I prayed and
read scriptures and meditated on them
in the morning,
by 10 am I had NO IDEA what I prayed about!
I could not remember the Bible verse
nor my meditation!
So I decided to embellish, to decorate
the Bible verse.

From using collage in 2006,

I now paint a Bible verse every single day.
"Why was this oil not sold for 300 days' wages
and given to the poor?" John 12:1-11

Mary lavished her costly perfumed oil
on Jesus' feet.
Whatever we give to God, our time, our money,
our effort, our resources-
they are never wasted!

Some people may think time in prayer,
time spent reading the Bible,
is a waste of time.
But that is because they do not see
invisible things!

This is what Jesus says to those who 
wait with Him,
who accompany Him in His journey.
"You have stood by me in my trials,
and I confer a Kingdom on you."
Luke 22: 28-29

Lent is a perfect time to accompany Jesus.

"My sanctuary will be set up among them forever."
Ezekiel 37:28

If we spend time with Jesus,
lavishing our time and effort in 
getting to know Him and His Word,
He will give us His Kingdom,
and He will set it up among us forever!

I think that is sooooo unfair!
A Kingdom for the measly time we accompany Him
in our prayers!!!!

Every week I choose one wonderful visitor
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This week, chose,
Karen is a wonderful and
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  1. What a wonderful class to teach to people, Patsy. Whether or not people consider themselves "artistic or crafty", everyone is able to write out their feelings and keeping a prayer or thought journal is a wonderful idea - just in helping us sort through feelings, and life in general. I hope the class was an incredible blessing to MANY who attended. That's somnething I would have attended!!! Wish I could "create" with you some day. LOVE this, and thank you so much for sharing, sweet Patsy!
    Word Art Wednesday

  2. What a beautiful way to think deeply about Scripture and hide it in your heart! I'm sure the class was such a blessing to those who were able to take it. I am planning to share this post with my 11yo daughter who loves to draw, and loves God's Word - maybe it will give her some ideas about how to combine the two.

  3. praying and spending time with our Lord is never a waste of time. achie, i once saw a beautiful stone cross which i can hang on my door and it says - as for me and my household we will serve the Lord. i couldn't find it anymore in your stores. i just thought that maybe you still have a piece i could buy to hang on my door?

  4. The work that goes in to this Patsy, wow! If only I had a creative talent to help me meditate. You are SO talented!

  5. What a gift it would be to take a journaling class from you! I love hearing the background story to your beuatiful

    1. wooops! ...your beautiful journals. You know how I love your work Patsy. It glorifies God so.


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