Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WOYWW: The Best You Can Be

 I woke up to this desk.
It's the cleanest it's been since I started WOYWWing!
But that's because I dumped everything in a basket!

Yesterday I was carving stamps to use in a workshop
this Saturday, using some old erasers.
If you're wondering about the paper 
I used to gather the rubber scraps,
it's a list of our menu for the New Year holidays.
That's how long I save paper!

Here are what I've done so far.
Some backgrounds I've tried it on.
I like making stamps out of erasers
but sometimes I get really sleepy
and it's dangerous to nod off 
with a sharp blade in your hand.
My husband told me to go to sleep!!!

"I came into the world as light,
so that everyone who believes in me
might not remain in darkness." John 12:46
Thank you Lord, that my personal journey with you,
(more like an adventure!)
IS filled with light!
I am surrounded by joy, peace, love...
sounds like an ideal life, doesn't it?
I have my share of challenges,
mostly health issues, like PV, PE, DVT
and Thalassemia.
But because I believe in Jesus,
I live in the light of His presence.

Jesus reassures us that when we know Him,
when we are His sheep,
"No one can take you out of my hand."
John 10:28
Thus I am confident that any trial I undergo,
any challenge I have to hurdle,
is all going to make me 
into the best Patsy I can be!!!
Just as He's committed to making you
the best  (your name here)  you can be!!!!

Every week I choose one wonderful visitor
who leaves a comment
to receive an ATC from me.
I know it takes so much time and effort
to leave a comment
and I appreciate it soooo much!

This week, chose
#6,the vivacious  Gloria of Viva La Vida.

Joining the lovely Julia Dunnit for a 
peek at desks and projects!
I love blog parties!
Won't you join us?
Sometimes I put on my best pajamas 
and party here:



  1. Anonymous9:40 AM

    What a beautiful picture of John 10:28. Love it! :)

  2. The hand carved stamps look amazing. I am starting to see this on other blogs, such a clever idea.
    Sandra @13

  3. Beautiful hand carved stamps love those very creative hugs Nikki #9 I have some candy too :)

  4. Clever use of both erasers and scrap paper there! I love your bible pictures, as always!
    Hugs, LLJ 22 xx

  5. Your carved stamp is perfect!! What's wrong with keeping paper since new year - that's not long!! Helen, 3

  6. Love those stamps! you are a very talented lady.
    As usual your journal is inspiring.
    Have a great day and a happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #17

  7. Wow beautiful images! Love your style really great. The hand carved stamps from erasers are really clever! Ill think ill have to try that :) Jules No 48

  8. Patsy the stamps are lovely! But I have to say, because I'm nosey, I found your menus even more interesting.. all that international better yet - midnight snack planning!

  9. Hi Patsy
    Wow a tidy desk you have been busy. I love your stamps I have never tried that.
    Your journal pages are fantastic as ever I love reading what you put with them.
    Happy WOYWW and thank you for sharing your desk
    Ria #60

  10. Lovely stamps.
    Karen #64

  11. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Talent~talent~talent! Love the stamps and your art work. Happy Wednesday! SueC#93

  12. Your art work is lovely
    I like the stamp you have carved of a feather
    Jackie 15

  13. Stamps out of erasers? How have I never heard of or thought of this before? I love that feather stamp, beautiful!

  14. I love those hand carved stamps. And your art journal pages are beautiful, as usual. Happy crafting #6

  15. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Your art work is beautiful!

  16. I love your stamps! I only wish I was that artisitic! Kathi #105

  17. Love your journal pages absolutly beautiful!! Very cool homemade stamps, I may just have to try that.

  18. Your journal pages inspire me! And you are a highly talented stamp carver! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #42

  19. Just love that scripture of John 10:28, your picture illustrates it very well, blessings.

  20. Anonymous2:05 AM

    Great blog, great post! I love those stamps and your journal pages.
    Cheers! Jana (stopping by from WOYWW :))

  21. Baskets are so wonderful for corraling the clutter!

  22. Whhoops! didn't mean to publish yet :). Anyway, your desk looks great and you know how I love your work. Thanks for another glimpse of the story behind the story.

  23. You are funny,"I dumped everything in the basket". The painting is lovely.
    We appreciate and thank you, for taking time out your day to post this beautiful project at Word Art Wednesday,
    Carole Robb Bisson
    Word Art Wednesday
    The Blessing of the LORD be Upon You!

  24. What beautiful pages :) and great stamps!

    Happy WOYWW!

    Amy #77

  25. Your words and your art bless each time I stop by!

  26. Wow friend. I get jealous, every time I come here, for the amount of time you have to create. One of these days I need to sit down again and paint. LOVE the idea of using erasers as stamps :)

  27. Great looking desk. Love the stamps you are carving and your paintings are awesome as usually.. So inspiring. Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing. I forgot it was even Wednesday until 11:50pm CDT! so I am a little late getting around. OMG! Memory issues again. Oh well better late then never. Vickie #145

  28. Wow you have patience to carve out stamps from rubber, way to go
    Bridget #38

  29. Love the carved stamps! I like what you have done some far. I need to remember and pull out some of my favorites that I have carved and start using them again.

    LOL! I know the dump in a basket trick! I've done it many times...trouble is that it never comes back out the basket and then I start a new pile and eventually all of that stuff gets dumped in a basket. Then I end up with lots of baskets and have to do a major cleanup!!

    Anna #97

  30. Hi Patsy,

    Sometimes we just need to quit and go lay down! Your hand carved stamps look great. I always enjoy visiting.

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (14)

  31. Thank you again, Patsy, for sharing your beautiful art with us. What a blessing to have you join us.
    Word Art Wednesday

  32. Your work is beautiful. Thank you for sharing in community with us at #TellHisStory.

  33. Hi Patsy....It's so funny to hear that your hubby had to tell you to go to sleep. I get that too and I had one day where I stayed in the Craft table for 18 hours just because I am in a deadline with regards to my DT project. There's times I would fall asleep in front of the computer or sit down at the sofa and fall asleep there. Who says that the life of a Crafter is easy...LOL Anyway, I am amazed at those erasers your shaping as a stamp. That leaf is awesome and so as your ATC...Great job! Thanks for blessing us with your awesome project this week at Word Art Wednesday. Hugs always!

    JO ANN


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