Monday, May 11, 2015

Stay in my Heart!

 "...come and stay at my house."  Acts 16:15

When people go to a bar there is usually peanuts at the table.  Salty food makes one thirsty, and the peanuts are there so that customers buy more drinks.  Christians are supposed to be the salt of the earth.  We should live our lives so that people around us become thirsty for what we have to say.

 Lydia is a very minor character in the Bible.  Just 2 verses about her composed of 6 lines.  We can't know very much about her, except that "she was a worshiper of God" already by the time Luke, Paul and Silas meets her at the river bank outside Philippi.  She was also a rich  merchant of expensive purple goods which only the wealthy and royalty could afford.  As she listened to them talking about Jesus, His life and His teachings, she grew excited, and she and her household were baptized.  "Please come and stay with us!" she urged them. Obviously she wanted to hear more, to learn more. She hungered and thirsted for more.  But what about when they had to leave?   She and her household had to find a people who were like-minded so she could live the way of Christ.  Perhaps she had to travel to Philippi, the first church planted in Europe. Paul uses this church as a model for other churches to follow in terms of generosity and fellowship.  

How blessed we are today! We have only to open the Bible and the wealth of Jesus' teaching, and God's plan for us is there. So easy for us! And if that is not enough, what a wealth of preaching and teaching, witnessing and testimonies there is available to us on the internet, from the dead and alive, from all corners of the globe!  Are we as hungry to know God as Lydia was? "Come Lord Jesus! Stay in my heart!"


  1. Another beautiful creation and heartwarming message. :)

  2. I like this idea of creating a piece of art to go with the Bible passage. I rely on pictures under creative commons for my blog posts, or some hastily taken photos. So I really appreciate the level of effort you put into this :) plus purple is my favourite colour ^.^

  3. I love your Scripture-based art inspiring!

  4. What a beautiful post! And I must admit I love your paintings. I follow you in Facebook too and it makes me so happy to see your paintings there. Just one little thing. PLEASE, put a twitter button here so I can tweet your posts!


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