Wednesday, September 23, 2015

WOYWW: Never Lose Hope!

This is my desk today.
Quite absurd really, if you think about it.
There is more stuff on it than space for working!!!

 I needed to draw Ezra the Prophet from the Bible.
He is in anguish because the Jews are are disobeying God.
Couldn't find a man in anguish, so I used a woman.

I thought that today I will show the steps for anyone 
who has the inclination to paint on their Bible.
I just use ordinary acrylic paint, 
and as I am too lazy to mix paint, I buy them in different colors.

This is flesh, which I find so hard to mix!
Sometimes I mix in Acrylic Glazing Liquid
so the paint becomes translucent
as it is a personal preference that I can 
still read the words on my Bible.

After painting the flesh, I paint the blue so as to give time for the flesh paint to dry.

When the paint is dry, I use "Territorial Beige", a darker flesh color
to make the shading.

I add shading on the brow, the side of the nose, beneath the headdress.
I usually look at the picture to see where to add shading.

I use two brushes- one filled with paint,
and a second brush to remove the excess paint.
I brush over the dark paint so that there is no clear line,
and the paint fades away.

I painted Ezra's beard gray.
Actually I looked in the Bible for an indication of Ezra's age and could find none,
so I just made him old.
After all, for a man with a lot of responsibility, 
if he was young, he would have gone gray in no time!

After shading, I used a brown pencil to outline,
ad also add details- for instance the creases in the eyes,
and nose, the folds on Ezra's headdress, hair on the beard, etc.

So here's Ezra the Prophet.

"For slaves we are but...He has turned the good will of the Kings of Persia toward us." Ezra 9:9
If there was ever a people who could have claimed to be abandoned by God, the Jews could be that people. But only when you look at their history from the eyes of men and unbelievers, seeing how they have been exiled and exposed to evil men's whims several times. In the Book of Ezra, which was written by the Prophet in the 5th century B.C, the Jews are returning to Palestine after they have been held captive in Babylon, part of the spoils of war for decades. King Cyrus of Persia issues a proclamation that God appointed him to build Him a temple in Jerusalem! What an unlikely instrument God chose for His purposes!

It just goes to show that we must never give up, never lose hope! God will find a way for His purposes to be fulfilled- in our country, in our family, in our business, in our neighborhood, in our church. Wherever. He will even use the most unlikely people, unlikely events or timing! We just need to trust and to wait with hope!

 I rejoiced when they said to me, "Let us go to the house of the Lord." Psalm 22:1
I was very excited when my mom said we were going on a Pilgrimage to Europe. Not only would we go visit Assisi and San Giovani Rotondo, Lisieux, etc., we would also see the Eiffel Tower again, the Louvre and Notre Dame. If we get excited to see places in Europe, or in other parts of the world, how much more would it be a thrill to go to the house of the Lord?

Indeed when my mom died last year, it was very difficult for us. But we also knew she was leaving us to be with the One who loved her first and the One who loved her best. We all have that to look forward to. Death for us should not evoke fear or anxiety, but joy!

Joining the lovely Julia Dunnit for a 
peek at desks and projects!

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  1. That is a whole lot of books in a pile there. Love Ezra and what you have created, you are a talented drawer and colourer
    Bridget #1

  2. I would buy the paints too - the idea of mixing the perfect colour and not being able to repeat it makes me giddy! I don't know how I have managed to miss that you paint on the relevant bible page - what a double fabulous family heirloom that is! And I'm with you, I would assume that Ezra was old.Automatically really..I guess you have to be old to be wise??!!!

  3. Yes, God uses the most unlikely people. Even the king of Persia. Was Ezra old? I don't know but I think the people of Israel wore beards whatever their age. Lovely page as usual Patsy. God bless you my friend,

  4. Wow, this is awesome and holds such meaning too. I love that you add it too the Bible. Blessings.

  5. Thank you for taking the time and effort to show your process of painting in your bible. I have not tried using acrylics in my bible as I thought they would be too opaque. I like to read the words on my page too.

  6. What a massive stack of books there! Lovely images this week!
    Happy WOYWW!
    brenda lee #42

  7. This is truly amazing work - I need to get back doing my Bible Journaling - presently I am doing an on line bible class and journaling in a notebook =- thanks for sharing your work


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