Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Bohemian Project

I had a garage sale and that reminded me of all the clothes 
I have tucked away in cabinets. 
I love keeping used, embroidered or lacy blouses, skirts or dresses 
because I can imagine the things I can make with it. 
This time I made some cards and a couple of purses out of the scraps.

First, I took a look at the materials I had on hand. 
I had lots of fuscia and violet. 
I also had a lot of lace and cotton cloth with embroidery.

Then I looked at the buttons, ribbons, metal embellishments,  
and threads I had in my stash.

I like combining shades of the same color together 
or putting vibrant colors together like violet and fuscia. 
Here’s the sleeve of an old blouse I cut up. 
I removed the threads to fray the edges

Then I spent some time auditioning different fabric scraps together 
and tried placing metal studs, buttons in different places to see what I liked best.

I sewed them together and chose a metal embellishment for an accent.

I like using different types of simple embroidery 
to add accents to the cloth, like blanket stitch, chain stitch, etc.

My favorite is the Indian kantha stitch which is so simple to do, 
and quite relaxing. 
It’s really just a running stitch, 
where you pass the needle in and out of the fabric.

To attach the cloth to a card, I used double-sided tape. 
It is much easier to use than white glue 
which I think would make a mess!

Here’s another patchwork I did with a different color theme.

And here’s another one.

I also used the Kantha stitch for this one.

And I was able to make purses as well! 
I imagine I can use scrap cloth 
 to embellish journals, picture frames, boxes, 
scrapbooks, upholstered furniture, bracelets, 
dresses, pillows, stuffed toys, bags, scarves, etc. 
So exciting! 

Comment below to win one of my Bohemian purses!

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  1. Wow *-* youre finished products are so adorable ^~^ I love collecting purses and pencil cases and yours are so nice I love them sooo much. Now Ive decided to have a bohemian themed party on my 18th birthday ������


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