Wednesday, April 07, 2021


“Were not our hearts burning within us?" 

Luke 24:32

In Luke chapter 24, we read the account of two of the disciples of Jesus walking on the way to Emmaus. They were talking and debating about all the events that just happened, about how Jesus was crucified and how the tomb was empty. Jesus chose to join these two disciples, Cleopas and his companion, who were not part of the Eleven disciples, as they walked, but they did not recognize him. Then beginning with Moses and the prophets, Jesus interpreted for them all that referred to Him in the Scriptures beginning with Moses and the prophets. How I would love to have been there eavesdropping on that conversation! 

When Jesus revealed Himself to them, and left, they exclaimed, “Were not our hearts burning within us?"

What makes our hearts burn? Get excited? Traveling? A new gadget? Jewelry? 

A designer bag? Bargains?

What about the Word of God?

We have to find a way to make Scripture, God's letters to us, exciting! That's why I started painting His Word. As a visual learner, I draw pictures, now on my iPad, so I can keep God with me throughout the day and remember what I meditated on. So I can be involved and enthusiastic and eager about my prayer time, my time with the 

most important Person in my life!

There are many ways to make reading God's Word and prayer more exciting and enriching. We can read different versions of the Bible, or look up the stories in commentaries. I like researching on the internet and I learn many things about Jesus’ time by asking questions about the passage and looking up the answers. Sometimes I read a narrative in the gospels pretending I was actually there, an eyewitness. Or at other times I paraphrase the scripture in my own words, like I’m making my own version of the Bible. I also like praying the scriptures, especially the Psalms. If I had the gift of music, I would compose songs, or if I was blessed with rhythm, I would dance for the Lord. In as many ways we are unique and different, there are as many ways we can give praise and glory to God, and invite Him to visit us the way He walked with Cleopas and his companion on the way to Emmaus. And what’s more, we can be sure, if we go even part of the way towards the Lord, 

He will meet us where we are! 

YES! It is possible that 

our hearts will burn for God! 

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  1. Very nice po and well said. Truly inspiring and proud to share to my "ankans". God bless you and your family always.


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