Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Spirit has no Limit!

“He does not ration His gift of the Spirit.” 

John 3:34

In my other Bible, it says, “for God’s Spirit is upon him without measure or limit”. There are many amazing, extraordinary gifts of the Holy Spirit, but just like any gift, we have to receive it, open it, use it, or else it will sit there gathering dust. The “charismatic gifts” are all wonderful, and I believe if we want it, we only have to ask and then to practice it. There is the word of wisdom, word of knowledge, increased faith, gift of healing and miracles, prophecy, discernment of spirits, the gift of tongues and the interpretation of tongues. (1 Corinthians 12:4-11)

When I was young, I attended so many Life in the Spirit Seminars, and so many brothers and sisters laid their hands on me to baptize me in the Spirit, but I did not receive the gift of tongues. Well the ones who prayed over me said I already had it but it did not manifest itself  because I was too curious about all the crying and noise happening around me. One day I was determined to get the gift of tongues and started jabbering my mouth off in the morning. In the car on the way to work, I was still mouthing nonsense. My mom pitied me and said, “Patsy, you stop already.” I didn’t. The whole day I persisted with my mission. When I finally reached home after work, I locked my bedroom door, sat in my rocking chair, and was more determined not to stop until I received this gift from God. 

Suddenly, something was different. It was like a fountain came from inside, and the syllables I was uttering were not my own. I was filled with an indescribable joy and I knew that what was coming out of my mouth were words of praise. I asked God to make it English so I could understand, and He answered my prayer for a short while, then I continued to mouth a foreign tongue for a long time. It really was like I was drunk with heavenly wine, and I will never forget the experience. My sister who was listening outside my door, ran to her room and started spouting nonsense sounds. When she felt a force inside her wanting to gush forth, she got frightened, clamped two hands over her mouth and ran outside the room. The Spirit has no limit! 

Now I want the gift of healing, and I try to remember to pray over sick people even if I am shy or even lack faith. It is difficult to lay hands now as we are so far away from the sick so I just pray for people from where I am. One day, like the gift of tongues, I will have this gift if I am persistent and just have faith. 

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