Saturday, June 26, 2021

Is Anything Too Marvelous?

“Is anything too marvelous for the Lord to do?” Genesis 18:14

Is there anything too difficult for the Lord? Sometimes when we face a challenge, we think we have to find the solution ourselves. We turn to the Lord as a last resort.

There was an American marine who got separated from his squad while they were reconnoitering on a Pacific island during World War II. When he heard the enemy soldiers approaching, he clambered over to where he saw several small caves and crawled inside one. As he crouched in the dark, he prayed, “ Lord, if it is Your will, please protect me. Whatever Your will, I love and trust You. Amen.”

He could hear the enemy getting closer and he began to get discouraged. Surely he thought he would be found soon. Meanwhile a spider began to build a web over the front of the cave he was hiding in. As the spider layered the strands, the soldier thought that he needed a brick wall, but God sent a spider! What a sense of humor God has, he brooded desperately!

The enemy soldiers searched each cave methodically, but when they came to the opening of his cave, they just moved on. He realized that the spider web covering the entrance made it appear as if no one had entered the cave in a long time. “Lord, forgive me,” repented the marine. “I had forgotten that in Your hands, a spider web can be stronger than a brick wall!”

We must never lose hope for nothing is impossible with God! In Romans 10:11, St. Paul writes that we will never be disappointed if we put our trust in the Lord. 

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