Saturday, May 28, 2022

In Jesus Name

“...whatever you ask the Father in My name He will give you.” John 16:23b

Several years ago my sister needed a passport urgently. There was no time to go through the regular procedures. We had to ask someone with a position high up in the Department of Foreign Affairs for help. She did not have to go through calling to get an appointment, and when she reached the DFA, she was treated like a VIP, bypassing all the usual steps. All my sister needed to get through was that all important name. 

Jesus said in John 16 that if we asked anything of the Father in Jesus’ name, He will give it. In Jesus’ name. That does not mean we can ask anything and the Father will grant it. It has to be in accordance to His will. Just like if my sister asked for a diplomatic passport, it would not have been granted to her, if we ask anything outside of God’s will, it will also not be given to us. 

So what is the use of “whatever you ask the Father in My name He will give you...ask and you will receive”? Some people may say it is totally useless! Of course it isn’t!!!! If we did not know the DFA consul, my sister could not have gotten her passport in time. 

We need to KNOW Jesus, His character, His promises, what He wants to do for us, what He wants us to do. We have to have Jesus as our friend not only when we need to ask for something. Then we will know what to ask for because we can ask in His name. 

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