Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's on my workdesk and my...

As usual, my desk is orderly, organized 
and neat!  (Wishful thinking on my part!)
This morning, to make way for my journal,
I had to remove what I was 
working on the past few days,
and put it on top of ....

my garbage can!

I read about Nathaneal in 
John Chapter 1 this morning.
He was reading under a fig tree,
which usually means he was 
studying scripture.
And Jesus told him,
"You will see heaven open." 
(John 1, NIV)

When we pray and study the bible, 
many things can happen!
We will know the promises of God,
we will be filled with hope,
we will have a vision for the future,
and we will connect to the 
Creator of the universe!

Joining the lovely Julia for a 
peek at desks and projects!


  1. My desk is almost as organized. :)
    My Blog

  2. Actually, it looks pretty orderly to ME! Love the drawings/paintings.

  3. Bursting with paints and colours! Just enough room to play. Lovely work as always...
    Thanks for sharing today. Sarah (at 1)

  4. Your desk makes me feel at home!
    As usual, your artwork is great and your journal inspiring!
    Happy WOYWW

  5. Great looking journal pages. I love your desk I feel like I am right at home and welcome here. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

  6. Fab desk and gorgeous make.
    Happy WOYWW
    Cathy xx

  7. you always inspire me. loved your journal for today.

  8. I like the use of the book page as the girl's dress - very inspired and effective !!

  9. Oh, yes! I love those unusual places you have to work on. :) Great stuff! Love the girl with a paper dress. :)

  10. Ah yes..I too utilise my bin to hold stuff tha tI need a space'ss silly, because then I settle in and forget to move it and then have to find another place becasue I need to use the bin...and oh, you know! Love the pic you've working on very much.

  11. As usual, your desk is bright and cheerful today, lots of interesting pots to peek at. Wishing you a great week ahead. Elizabeth x #60

  12. Love to see all the things you are working on ....always uplifting. xx

  13. What a bright and happy desk today. Thank you for letting us have a peek at all those posts and bits.

    Laura #54

  14. I do so agree, if we do not take the time to reflect and meditate we are being too noisy to hear anything...

    I have missed visiting your desk as I have only had time to do a random pick hop over the last few weeks, but I do love coming here,

    big love,


  15. It is always good to meditate upon the word and I find art journaling in particular a great way to do this. Thanks for sharing your inspiration.
    Hugs and many blessings

  16. Lovely work to show us today. I would be too afraid to put stuff ON the bin in case it ended up IN the bin!!

  17. Definitely not garbage! Gorgeous artwork as always. May the Lord bless you this week, and happy WOYWW.

  18. Just read your post below. Brilliant. I am a great believer in praising the good before commenting on the not so good! Having taught infants for 30 years I know it works. Have a great week. x Jo

  19. Anonymous10:52 PM

    I love you blog I'm inspired every time to pick up my Bible and read more!! blessings Peggy

  20. Beautiful art, beautiful words.

  21. That is so familiar...not enough space so things end up on top of the bin! Gorgeous space and love your image of Nathaneal reading under the tree!

  22. Your desk is nice and tidy in this picture -- mine looks like a tornado went through!

    Thanks so much for your blog visit. I'll have to thank Elizabeth for sending you my way. Good luck in my giveaway drawing! ♥ Hugs, Terri

  23. Love the photo of your work space, Patsy!

    Thank you, too, for joining my art blog hop!

    I enjoy following your blog!! :)

  24. Wow I love your pages, your painting is fab.
    This is my first visit to your super blog, I found you via WOYWW, I will be back next week to see what else you have been upto!
    Helen x


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