Wednesday, August 03, 2011

What's on my Workdesk Wednesday?

What's on my desk today?
My prayer journal and my scrap paper canvas
amidst the mess!

A close-up of my canvas.
I decided to keep the bird as most of you "voted" 
to keep him in!
I thought that if he had such
a loyal following, I didn't have the heart to 
set him aside!

I kind of like how it's turning out.
Lots to do yet, especially the top right part.
Need something there to balance the picture!

Oh, and thank you to Debra of Common Ground!
I finally got my lovely giveaway,
a wonderful Cavallini notebook (I love birds!),
a charming vintage box,
and a dainty necklace with a vintage key.
So pretty!  I love them all, Debra!

And here's my journal page for today.
God did not promise a trouble-free life,
but He did promise to walk with us.
Sometimes we need to fight "giants",
when there's an "inner battle' raging in our minds.
When a voice inside says, 
"I can't do this," or "No one is for me,"
or "I'll never succeed,"
we need to use God's armor,
 and stand on His promises.

"I can do all things through Him 
who strengthens me." Phil. 4:13

Joining the lovely Julia for a 
peek at desks and projects!
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  1. Your canvas is beautiful!!

  2. I'm trying to get around today before it's time to get some sleep. I really love that canvas. It is getting better by the day. And yes, the bird is awesome, too.

  3. lots of gorgeousness to see here...thanks for the crafty snoop...hugs kath xxx

  4. Glad you kept the bird in - he is lovely. Looking good and can't wait for the finished article (although the top corner looks fine to me). Thanks so much for sharing - Hugs, Neet #5

  5. love your canvas, the birdy looks right at home there... BTW ... There's a giveaway on my desk today ;O))

  6. Glad you kept the bird. I love that picture in the background of the people on the beach. Did you paint that?

  7. Thanks for sharing your space this week. I hope the coming week is full of blessings.

  8. The canvas is looking more gorgeous every week - love that orange. Your goodies are lovely, too, and the little card that came with them.
    Helen S

  9. Great bird and love the canvas too!
    i wish i could do a journal, i can't
    seem to find the impetus!!
    Happy WOYWW

  10. fabulous work of heart! And yes, I vote the bird in too! After all she is waving to him!Have a blessed happy crafty week! Happy WOYWW!


  11. Only you can take scrap and make it so absolutely beautiful. Your canvas is lovely, bird, flowers and all. Great gifts from Debra too! Congrats! Have a wonderful day. Tammy

  12. You got an awesome gift! :) Great work on the canvas and the journal page is beautiful, too.

  13. Your artwork is such a blessing to me. I needed your journal page and writings today--that inner battle is raging. Visualizing the shield of God's faithfulness will be my blessing for today.

  14. I am so pleased to see the little birdie still in his place! But I must say that I do like the roof tiles! TFS

  15. Great post - I always enjoy looking at your latest work in progress and your canvas is lovely. Elizabeth x #73

  16. Patsy, I always look forward to your journal pages. You have a gift for bringing the scriptures to life and illustrating the truths beautifully.

    Happy woyww,

    Sandy #86

  17. very pretty canvas and I am glad you kept the bird. TY for sharing your scripture as well

  18. Great canvas - as always an uplifting visit!

  19. Wouldn't be the same w/o the little birdie. Love your header too - especially the one of you holding the art supplies. Sets such a lovely tone for your wonderful blog.

  20. That is the joy isn't it - seeing how it ends up without planning it too much, letting things be, even when we are not sure they are as they should be, lovely canvas indeed,


  21. Thanks for leaving birdie on your canvas! It is looking very, very good. Some nice trinkets also. #92

  22. Have loved looking at your work you are very talented, thankyou for sharing Anne x

  23. Beautiful art and beautiful reminder. "I can't do this" has literally become my mantra as of late. Seriously , my husband actually dared me to go a day without saying it.

  24. nice progress on the canvas. Great looking gift from Debra. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

  25. Your canvas is coming along beautifully! Thank you for sharing your prayer page and your work space today! Have a fabulous WOYWW and beyond! -Amanda

  26. Patsy - your canvas is just BREATHTAKING. you are such a talented artist - I love your stuff and particularly the colours you use.

    I love your prayer page - and your quotations were very poignant. Thank you for sharing those.

    Paula x x x

  27. thanks for the peek. Have a great day

  28. Anonymous9:48 AM

    I had one of those "I can't do it" days, but so thankful of God's truth and promises. Your canvas turned out beautiful! And I agree w/ the masses - the cute little bird is a keeper :)

  29. The canvas and journal page is gorgeous and the giveaway you received is beautiful. Kezzy x


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