Monday, October 01, 2012

Are you God's Prophet?

Oh my, a new month is starting!
I cannot believe how fast the year is going.
When I was young,
time seemed soooo slow! 
Whether time is fassst or s-l-o-w for us,
we just have to stick to our regular routine,
keep our eye on our purpose.
Today is no different.
I start my day with reading the Bible,
and think about what I want to remember for the day.
If I do not draw the Bible verse,
by 10 am, I have totally forgotten it!
True confession!!!

From the background above, I saw an angel.

Last Saturday was the Feast of the Archangels,
Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.
They each have their own roles, 
as warrior, messenger, and healer respectively.

We too have our own God-given roles!
In Numbers 11:29, Moses says,
"Would that ALL the Lord's people 
were prophets!"

When we think of prophets,
we picture fire and brimstone,
miracles, a booming voice,
living in the desert.

Is that really what the Lord requires of us?
Should we not just be humble,
read His Word, act on it,
and SPEAK His Word to others?
Why is my prophet blue?
Because if we fill ourselves with His Word,
and DO NOT proclaim it,
will we not get blue (figuratively of course!)
in the face, from not giving out 
the Word of Life?!!

The verse above is from the Book of Job:
"The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away;
blessed be the name of the Lord!"

God wants all of us to be prophets.
Perhaps you have a relative
who needs to be encouraged,
a friend who needs advice,
co-workers who keep gossiping
who need reminders now and then!

It does not take much 
to be God's prophet!
And if we give to others
what the Lord freely gives us,
we will not only be blessed,
but we will bless others too!

Every week I choose one wonderful
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This week Random Generator
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She creates lots of wonderful cards
with Bible verses and positive sentiments.

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  1. Love it! Job was the first book I read as a new Christian. Imagine. I would not recommend anyone start with that book. It set me back! No...but I still would not start most off there. It was a word from a "prophet" that I read that first. Blessed be His name! As always you are a blessing! Beautiful work!

  2. Blessed be His name!! I always love how intertwined your art and your faith are -

  3. Amen to that Patsy. Encouraging. Be a prophet:) a good reminder:)

  4. This is so beautiful, and SO true. It really blessed and touched my heart, and I thank you SO MUCH for sharing it with us at Word Art Wednesday. I'm trusting that it will be a blessing to everyone who sees it. So thanks for sharing!
    Karen L
    Word Art Wednesday

  5. Amen and Amen! Beautiful and inspiring post! I pray that I am a prophet of God's love, encouragement and hope of the gospel everyday! :) stopping by from hear it use it and miscellany monday! Blessings

  6. These are really beautiful and inspired.and I love what you say about being an everyday prophet. Very uplifting post. Here from Inspire me Monday.
    Check out my art therapy article on if you have time.. maybe you will find it inspiring as well...

  7. Hi Patsy...Thanks a million for the gift youare to give me. This is such a wonderful surprise! I am so happy to win an ATC from a great artist like yourself. I appreciate anything handmade because I know how much work goes into making every piece. Send it to:

    PO Box 5444,
    San Antonio, TX 78201

    Added line to ATC: "Romans 1:16-17"
    (Please include this there if you are so inclined).

    Have a blessed day and thanks for this gift.

    JO ANN

    1. Hello there...It's me again!...LOL Okay, I followed the instructions you shared with me and hope it works! Enjoy your evening. Hugs!

  8. If we give to others, we will be blessed and so will be others. This is so true, and I actually wrote about it from a different direction this week. He pours Himself into us so we can then pour out love and refreshment on others.
    Thanks for your lovely and uplifting art and message today!


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