Monday, October 15, 2012

Children of the Promise

When I was praying last Saturday morning,
I was struck by the verse in Galatians:
"heirs according to the promise..."

We belong to Christ,
and we are heirs of the promise
given to Abraham!
We come from a long line of
people of faith!
Isn't that amazing?!!

In Galatians 4:28,
St. Paul repeats this truth,
that we are children of the promise.
We are a part of the family of faith.
We are not under the slavery of the "law".
I like to think of my family tree,
with Abraham at the very top.
Isn't it exciting to know of our heritage
and what God has in store for us 
who believe?

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and I appreciate that soooo much!

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  1. Another beautiful creation! And I need to remember I am His...perfect reminder!

  2. Your family tree and mine are related. Love that idea! Hope that doesn't disqualify me from future chances of winning. ;)

  3. I am so thankful to be a child of promise! Beautiful as always my friend.

  4. Heirs of promise ... it is so easy to forget this ... and your words and art help me remember.

  5. Your work is always a blessing to me. Peace of The Lord be with you!

  6. Your words with the art are always so encouraging...I love reading them. Thank you so much for sharing. What a great reminder that we are HIS!!!

  7. Your words and pictures always encourage me. Thank you for sharing who you are and what God puts on your heart. So beautiful...we are His.

  8. Beautiful as always.. and a joy to read. Thanks again for your work

  9. Patsy, I love it here. Smiling already. I love your art and your heart. I am at Jen's with you. Isn't that community wonderful. I will be back :) You make my heart sing.So very glad to meet you!!!

  10. It is wonderful isn't it? Thanksgiving for the things God has provided for us is so important! We're neighbors at Teaching What is Good today ;) Blessings!

  11. Always loving your beautiful work. A wonderful reminder that all the promises are for me. How do we lose sight of that?

  12. Beautiful drawings and a sweet reminder of our heritage of faith! Thanks for linking up again this week!


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