Wednesday, October 03, 2012

WOYWW: God Listens

This is the extension of my desk,
where I usually paint.
As you can see, there is hardly any space unfilled.
Paints, backgrounds, pencils, gel medium, brushes.
I really am a piler-upper.
Underneath the painted backgrounds,
are my scissors, more pens and pencils,
and all sorts of other things
(maybe even a dead mouse, eeek!)

This morning, I was reading from the Book of Job.
Really an amazing story, 
which I am inclined to believe is fiction.
It's part of the Wisdom literature of the Bible
and is meant to teach us the nature of God.

Job 9:16 reads:
"I could not believe that He would listen to me."

Through the years, 
God has shown me He is listening.
In BIG things and small things, He is listening.
When I needed a new car, when I needed 
money to finish our house, He answered.

When I wanted to stop breastfeeding
because it was AWFULLY painful
(unlike the peaceful magazine pictures!!!),
and my husband insisted I breastfeed,
I asked God 
(who is OVER my husband's authority!)
"God, may I stop breastfeeding?"

I was listening to this radio station
at the time,
and the announcer said:
"Do not quit, God does not like quitters!"
I was sooo surprised at the quick answer,
and so of course I continued.

God listens, 
and if we linger long enough to listen,
He will speak!

This is one of my recent projects-
Christmas glitters from
plastic water bottles.
Lots of things you can make for the tree!
See my other blog, papemelroti,
for some recycled projects.

Every week I choose one wonderful
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I love to visit but sometimes,
it is such a pain to leave a comment
because of all the word verification
and different passwords, etc.)

This week Random Generator
chose #51, Jo Ann of
She creates lots of wonderful cards
with Bible verses and positive sentiments.

Joining the lovely Julia for a 
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  1. Wow Patsy, those piles are high. But I love the backgrounds, since I'm a background junkie. As a big recycler, I love the things you make from stuff that would normally go in the trash or recycle bin. Those glitter pieces that go on a tree are fabulous.

    To answer your question, yes the rocking horse has a bear on it. And I'm not sure I'm using those inks correctly, but I got all but two of them on clearance. Happy WOYWW.

  2. Lovely artwork as always and a wonderful story as well (re breast feeding) - in fact amazing!
    Brushes - these are stencil brushes but if you use the Distress Ink Pads (they are pads) and you stipple the ink on for your background or rub in a circular motion you get nice even coverage. Hope this explains.
    Hugs, Neet (no 2 on comments) x

  3. Loving all the little paint pots on your desk!!

    The little boxes next to my sheet of leaf stamps is Tim Holtz Distress inks. I made homemade labels for each one and inked the color from the corresponding pad, so that I could put it on my ink shelf and still know which color was which!

    Happy WOYWW!!!

    Amy E. #???

  4. great looking desk Patsy! Love all the little paint pots and and goodies. Awesome looking ATC's again this week. Vickie

  5. Hi Patsy! This is SO pretty, what a beautiful truth about how God hears us...not only what we say, but what we think as well. He knows our hearts. What a beautiful truth. Jo Ann will be so excited that she won a prize here. Thanks for sharing with us at Word Art Wednesday. You are SUCH a blessing to us!
    Karen L
    Word Art Wednesday

  6. Beautiful, as always.

  7. Piles are just fine. As long as they don't topple. And let's face it, if the method works for you, it's not something to be changed huh!

  8. Always such amazing inspiration to do things and now you show us that you can pile high and still create.
    Sandra @73

  9. Gorgeous backgrounds, I think I enjoy making different backgrounds as much as stamping on them after. Every time I find a new technique, I find myself making loads with it, lol.Have a great week, Shaz #60

  10. That was a thought provoking post.
    Love the art work xx#39

  11. I'm worried about the dead mouse! he he
    I hope there is not one under there!!
    nothing wrong with piles of stuff
    Jackie 15

  12. We"re fans of piling this week too. Love your art work.

    The bears @#75

  13. Love seeing that busy, filled up desk and wonderful art supplies. Thank you for your words today--it is so good to be reminded that God does listen to us. It made me stop and just say a prayer. Thank you for visiting ME! Your blog is beautiful, and your artwork is so touching and inspiring. Your use of color alone amazes me. I always wonder when I see such talented artists: was this person an art major, or just naturally gifted? Sandy Leigh at #99

  14. It doesn't matter if you are a piler-upper, when you produce such beautiful, serene artwork. I always find your blog uplifting :D
    Hugs, LLJ ~1 xx

  15. Have a great week, hope there's no dead mouse hiding underneath it all! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  16. Your desk looks like too much fun for a dead mouse to be hanging out there... now, a live mouse who is in touch with his creative side, maybe! Your artwork is stunning as always and yes, we should believe that he will listen.

  17. I wish I had some space right now TO fill!! :) ha ha Lovely gal and beautiful words. Needed to hear that today.

  18. Another great project here, Patsy! I saw your email and I am glad that you finally got through responding to my comment...LOL Thaks for the instructions. Anyway, I can imagine you have a big Craft room to do all your masterpieces. I have a very small one, in fact, I share my craft room with my 7 year old son due to limited space in the apartment but that does not keep me from enjoying my crafts...LOL. I just could not leave things unfinished and got to clean up any mess each and everyday. Thanks for linking up your project to WAW and looking forward to talking with you and getting updates of my beloved, Philippines. you know what I miss? I would love some Morkon. haven't had one in ages...LOL God bless and hugs in Christ, always!

    JO ANN

  19. Your work space looks like mine, piles upon piles. I hope no dead mice however, I think my cats would deal to them. Your page is how I feel sometimes when he answers my prayers. He is wonderful isn't he.

  20. I always love coming by to see your artwork. You are so talented. Have a wonderful day!


  21. As usual Patsy - it's a pleasure to come and see your blog because of all the lovely artwork and words you write here. A talented and lovely soul.

    Happy WOYWW 174
    Paula x x x (#131)

  22. Amen, He listens indeed, Patsy. Your work is beautiful as usual. Blessings!


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