Monday, October 08, 2012

WOYWW: Sing the Song in Your Heart!

"You formed my inmost being;
you knit me in my mother's womb."
Psalm 139:13

What a beautiful image of God
knitting, putting all our features together,
even the colors of our eyes,
the number of hairs on our head,
the way we laugh!
From nothing, He formed us!

He put a song in our heart
while He was knitting.
He placed it there for us to sing.
It is a beautiful song and 
it comes from deep within us.

Never allow anyone to stop you from singing!
Do not allow circumstances around you 
to stifle your song!
Sing so others may hear and be blessed!
Your song is beautiful
and NO ONE else can sing it!!!

Every week I choose one wonderful
visitor who leaves a comment
to receive an ATC from me.

(I know how much time and effort
it takes to leave a comment!
I love to visit but sometimes,
it is such a pain to leave a comment
because of all the word verification
and different passwords, etc.)

This week Random Generator
chose Kristin Maynes
She makes playful illustrations and 

Interested to win a slot in
Tam's Lifebook 2013?

If you find some of the comments
don't fit the post, 
it is because I inadvertently
replaced my 
"Who is my Neighbor?" post
using my Ipad blogger app
with this one, hence the date.
I am writing this on a Wednesday.
Now I don't know how to get it back!!!
It was such a nice neighborly post too!

Joining the lovely Julia for a 
peek at desks and projects!
I love blog parties!
Won't you join us?

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  1. I am late commenting but I just want to say I love your posts - so full of spiritual wisdom! I have been to church on Sunday and my thoughts are with you - lets find out who our neighbors are! Show them a living sign of our christianity!
    Your creations are lovely too!
    Lots of hugs,

  2. Yes, who is our neighbor? Everyone, like you said. There is always something we can do to others. Bless you Patsy!

  3. I'm your neighbour over on "The Beauty in His Grip" link up!

    Love your post today Patsy... I've said it before, and I'll say it again: "your artwork is beautiful".

  4. LOVE YOUR WORK... always glad to see your work on Inspire me monday....

  5. Love how your use your faith in your creations ~ Wonderful work and strong faith ~ (A Creative Harbor) on Tuesday ~ ^_^

  6. Love your girls, especially the profiles on the neighbor page,


  7. Know our neighbor is good but it is also important to remember to BE that neighbor! =D

  8. Hi Patsy,

    Love dropping by your blog each Wednesday your an inspiration, your work is beautiful....

    Maria #7

  9. You are such a talented artist. I say that every week and every week I mean it more and more. Love stopping by. #9

  10. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Love the colour, the light and the movement in your images and paintings Patsy. Beautiful work and always uplifting too.

    Brenda 1

  11. A beautiful post. So nice of you to share your talents with us. Wednesday it is and #34 is off to get some much needed rest

  12. beautiful paintings. So colorful and inspiring. Have a great week. Vickie #41

  13. Beautiful pages, and a happy WOYWW to you!
    Alison x

  14. Lovely pictures and sweet words of encouragement and inspiration from the Word of God. Thank you for a delightful visit for Word-Filled Wednesday.

  15. Love visiting with you and enjoy your work and words of wisdom so much.
    Thanks and God Bless,

  16. Another beautiful post, loving your work, have a great Wednesday, hugs Erika. 96

  17. Yes--the first ever knitter was the Lord!! So true! Your painting is beyond beautiful and so inspiring! Thanks for your visit--and yes, you would love one of those hanging organizers--now I know I should have gotten one months ago! Happy WOYWW! --Sandy Leigh #24

  18. The most beautiful and heartfelt post of today - thank you so much for reminding us what's important about ourselves :)
    Sending hugs and blessings,
    LLJ #50 xx

  19. I wish I could draw like you! What a wonderful verse (one of my favourites) and what a wonderful way of illustrating it. thanks so much for sharing. God bless you. Caro #77 xx

  20. this is one of my favourite verses! love that background :)
    SArah '127

  21. Your beautiful art has once again touched and blessed my heart! You are such a delight, and I praise God for sending you into my life through crafting. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your God-given talents with us at Word Art Wednesday. You are a treasure to Him, and to us!
    Karen L
    Word Art Wednesday

  22. Love the colors in your artwork! Tamika#14

  23. Hi Patsy,

    I've missing for a few weeks - am back amongst my WOYWW family today. I received my ATC and lovely little note. I love it! I've decided to make a "clothes line" for my ATCs and sting them up in my dining room, where I do my creating. Yours will be one of the first I display on it.

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #126

  24. I love the 'you formed my inner most being' piece. It is so happy and light yet peaceful.

  25. I'm visiting from Good Morning Girls Link-up. I love your thoughts about how God formed us. It's a blessing to have such an amazing God.

  26. Great post! I am singing away here!! x Jo

  27. I always enjoy your posts and your reminders from scripture.

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  29. What a wonderful project once again, Patsy...When I look at your projects, I can just see the amount of time you put on them and they are well worth it. They're not just pretty but inspiring...Thanks for blessing us with your artwork this week at Word Art Wednesday. Hugs always!

    JO ANN

  30. Patsy, I just love coming here to see your wonderful creations each time. always a fiesta for the eyes!

    Love your latest creations - who wouldn't!

    very best wishes
    Paula (#148) x x x


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