Wednesday, December 26, 2012

WOYWW: Ordinary People doing Extraordinary Things

A blessed Christmas from my desk to yours!
but a season which culminates 
with the Feast of the Baptism of Jesus?
This is my floor which I will have to take care of, but not yet!
Christmas Day was a busy one for me and my family.
It started with a text message 
that said one of our employees
lost everything in a fire.
Thankfully none of her family was hurt,
but everything was burned.
They even had to escape by climbing to their rooftop, 
and using a ladder to escape out of their compound.
Thank you for that ladder!
Who put it there?
No one knows,
but many lives were saved 
because a ladder was there!
So my husband Luigi, our guest from the US
and I went to the community hall where our
employee and her family took refuge
to give her money, clothes, blankets and towels
to help tide them over.

Then we brought our guest for a tour of Intramuros,
the oldest part of Manila.
Luigi knows many things and was an able tour guide.
We walked around some part of the massive stone walls
and fortifications.
Then we bought Lechon for dinner.
Lechon is roasted pig, 
and one of my husband's favorite dishes.
This is usually what filipinos like 
to serve during festive occasions.

December 26 is the Feast Day of Saint Stephen.
He is the first martyr and was stoned to death
because the Jews got infuriated with the wisdom
of his words! 

St. Stephen is an example of an 
ordinary man who did
extraordinary things because 
he followed Jesus day by day.
He just started out as a "waiter",
as he was appointed a deacon 
by the early church.
His job was to serve food 
to the widows and orphans,
and I suppose help the apostles 
with other menial duties.

Let us stay close to Jesus,
and go about our menial tasks with 
a heart full of praise and thanksgiving.
We too can be ordinary people
doing extraordinary things if we 
keep our hearts focused on the Lord! 

Proverbs 4 says:
"Keep your heart with all diligence;
for out of it are the issues of life."

I thought it was time for a
Christmas Giveway.
Here's an ATC I made
and the design was made into a necklace.
Would you like to win the ATC and the necklace?

Every week I choose one wonderful visitor
who leaves a comment
to receive an ATC from me.

This week, chose
#4, Sharon Evans of 
Sharon is from New Zealand 
and is my type of lady-
she uses her art to inspire and encourage!

I know it takes so much time and effort
to leave a comment
and I appreciate it so much!

Joining the lovely Julia for a 
peek at desks and projects!
I love blog parties!
Won't you join us?

Sometimes I put on my best pajamas 
and party here:


  1. Merry Christmas, Patsy! Oh how I love seeing your space. I enjoy your heart sharing and the details you have brought about your heart to help your employee's family. I am so glad to hear they were OK. A good message and lesson of Stephen. Important to be available to serve wherever and however the Lord deems appropriate. He always has a purpose in all of the details. Hugs from way over here! Dawn

  2. What a tragic thing to happen. Thank goodness for people like you who could offer so much comfort to the family.
    Neet 3 xx

  3. Merry Christmas. Sorry to hear of the misfortune of your employee and her family. Twas truly a blessing someone left that ladder there! Have a great week. Vickie #4

  4. Oh my, what terrible news! My mother did not believe in coincidance, in fact she actually deleted the word from every dictionary in our house. She said there was no such thing, only God's devine plan and perfect timing. Looks like that ladder proves her right again.
    Hope you had a great Christmas and that your new year will be filled with many blessings.
    Tertia #6

  5. You and your husband are wonderful people to be helping those in need at such a busy time. If only there were more people like you guys in the world! See you in 2013. Lucy #17 x

  6. Thank goodness for someone not putting a ladder away.. So glad that they are all safe..
    Happy new crafting year for 2013..
    Sandy :)

  7. Great post Patey, how interesting about the old part of Manilla. I'm so sorry for your employee, how devastated they will feel after the shock has worn off. I've been in a house fire myself and know that the gratitude of lives spared is immense...but also that depression can come quickly in the face of such a huge loss, you are wonderful for being there so soon.
    A happy and safe Christmas to you!

  8. How awful for you co worker, but how wonderful that there'll spirit of Christmas was present in so many.

    Have a wonderful new year when it comes.
    Rachel #11

  9. Sending belated Christmas wishes - hope your friend is ok from the fire, thank goodness they are all safe. Hope you have a lovely New Year too. Sunshine Girl no.13

  10. Glad everyone was safe. Happy Christmas season to you too.

  11. It certainly is a time to give thanks that your employee was saved. Lovely that you could help but what else would you do being as you are. lovely interesting post to read. May your blessings continue and thaks the Lord all were safe,
    Love Jo x

  12. Oh my word - thank goodness there was no loss of life, and what a Christmas story of generosity in response to their difficulties. All best wishes for the festive season, and happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  13. My thoughts and prayers go out for that family, it's wonderful that she had a community to help them out. Waving hi from the rainy, but wishing it was snowing hills of North Carolina for the last WOYWW of 2012!!

  14. What an awful tragedy to have happened. Thank goodness they have people to support them through such a bad time.
    Season's greetings
    Happy WOYWW

  15. So sorry for your employee - a terrible thing to happen at any time but it seems worse at Christmas. Enjoyed reading the rest of your post, especially about Manilla. Happy WOYWW. Elizabeth x #30

  16. what a terrible thing to loose everything at Christmas least they have their lives and their loved ones and friends like you to help out. Wishing you all the best for the year to come, things can only get better
    happy crafting in 2013

    janet #8

  17. Angels do those things on the comand of God. Always so much to be thankful for, today a ladder!
    Krisha #48

  18. Hello I don't think I visited you before. I try to include some 'new' to me desks each week. I am so glad that the family survived the fire - such an awful thing to happen. It was good to see someone reminding us that it is still Christmas for a while. I do find it sad that to some it is over after Christmas Day. Happy Christmas and New Year. Anne x #54

  19. Thanks for visiting the Playhouse, Patsy! I will add your employee and her family to my prayers. Sending best wishes to you for a blessed new year!! Darnell #53

  20. Hi again - in reply to your question my DH was wearing a paper crown on his head :-) - it had gone a bit askew - should have looked like one DIL wore so beautifully :-) Anne x

  21. Beautiful blog and beautiful artworks. Love and blessings to you

  22. Thanks for sharing with SMWYG Happy New Year!

  23. Wonderful post ~ creative and informative ~ ^_^

    (A Creative Harbor ~ aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^)

  24. Praise God indeed for the ladder - trust that family may find the "peace that passes understanding" in the midst of this difficult situation. How beautiful it is when the grace of God is seen as people help one another in times of hardship and troubles.
    May God bless you as we move in to 2013.

  25. Hi Patsy! And thanks for sharing another GORGEOUS art creation with us. It always blesses me to see your art.
    I will try to fix my "problem" on blogger so that you can reply to me. I'm SUPER bad with the computer, so I will try to look at the link you sent. My email address is also on the Word Art Wednesday blog.
    Have a blessed day.

  26. Glad you enjoyed your Christmas & so glad that your employees weren't hurt in that fire !
    Wishing you & your family a happy, healthy & prosperous New Year - best wishes Ali #61

  27. Thank the Heavens for that ladder being there, it was placed for the right reasons. You are so good to go to their aid what a wonderful person you and your family are my the Lord shine down and bless you at this time of great need, he was helping your employees that is for sure.

    Wishing you and your family blessed happiness through out the festive season and into the New Year

    Eliza #63

  28. Your picture of Saint Stephen is quite powerful. I am sorry to hear about your colleague, though what a relief that the family was safe. We don't have to look far to find people who need our help, do we?

    Your work space is lovely to see, as well!

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