Friday, September 27, 2013

Paint Party Friday: Shake the Nations!

I got this clock for free
from Watson's drugstore
(after buying a lot medicine!)
and decided to change the face.
"Nothing is as far away as a minute ago."
it says.
We can't bring back the past.
It's gone forever!

After the Jews were brought back from 
Babylonian exile and captivity,
they were so excited to build
 the temple and restore it. 
But then they got lazy and ungrateful, 
and for 16 years
they neglected the temple 
and allowed it to fall back into ruin.
They prioritized building THEIR OWN houses.

Then God spoke through Haggai the prophet, 
"Consider your ways! Go deep into the hill country;
bring timber and build the house that I may take
pleasure in it and receive my glory!" Haggai 1:8
Are we like the Jews, forgetting all God has done for us?
Wanting not God's best, but preferring what the world 
tries to pass off as the best for us?

"I will shake all the nations..."Haggai 2:7
A lot of preachers cite this verse
for what will happen at the end times
and say THAT is what is happening now-
earthquakes, severe weather conditions,
Is it a physical shaking?

Or is it like the shaking, the winnowing,
allowing the chaff to separate from the grains of wheat?

What would God want to separate?
The believers from the unbelievers?
The gold from the dross?
Correct teaching from false?
When times are difficult, 
more people turn to God.
I think that is why He will shake the world.
It does not matter if these are the 
end times or not.
For each one of us, there will be an end...
and a new beginning.
I like to think I'm investing for that
new beginning.
And I need to do it now!
Because a minute ago is gone forever
and the future depends
on what I do today!

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  1. What a great idea to redo the clock. It's wonderful! Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful and inspiring work!

  2. What a great idea! I love the clock and the quote is just perfect:)

  3. Love them all, Patsy, but the hand and globe is my favorite. Thanks for sharing your talent. : )

  4. Hi Patsy,
    Its so nice to visit you once again. You've shared a wonderful scripture with a beautiful piece of art. The explanation for the scripture is beautiful. Thanks for dropping by my blog the other day :).

  5. I love the way you illustrate your story to us. The future, indeed, does depend on what we say, eat, do today. Blessings, Janet, PPF

  6. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Marvelous clock, what a great idea! Happy PPF xox

  7. Wonderful idea to create your own clock background, and a wonderful quote to see with the time. Thanks for sharing all your lovely art!

  8. Anonymous1:40 AM

    love your clock makeover! happy PPF!

  9. Love the clock Patsy!!!!

  10. Hi Patsy - what a fabulous way to personalise that clock and make it look truly unique. Love it!
    Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions

  11. Love your clock, what a fantastic idea! Beautiful art as always! <3

  12. Happy Paper Saturdays! That clock just looks amazing. ManonX

  13. What a unique clock! It's just beautiful. I so admire your artwork.

  14. Love what you did with the clock, Patsy! You are so right, what God has for us is so much better than we can ever imagine for ourselves! Have a blessed week!

  15. Very beautiful! Happy Paper Saturday! Truly lovely!

  16. Love the clock my friend. You are so very talented. I love how you see and make art!

  17. Thanks again for sharing at Sunday Stillness. Shake the nations! Lovely.

  18. I am so glad I found your blog! I was so blessed by your art and your message! I look forward to following you!

  19. Anonymous4:51 AM

    I love your beautiful work! I.m always looking for it.
    Pick me - pick me - pick me!
    Marilyn Lamoreux

  20. LOVE your shake the nations piece!

  21. Everything is SO beautiful! You always inspire me so much! Come by the blog today...I have some big news. :)

    Blessings - Julie


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