Saturday, January 13, 2018

Follow Him

“Follow me.” Mark 2:14

In my other Bible, this verse reads, “Come, be my disciple.” I believe that this invitation is issued to every one of us. It does not matter if we’re a nuclear physicist, a grade school teacher, Uber driver or theologian. The call is the same. God chooses us because He loves us. 

Levi was a despised tax collector when Jesus found him sitting at his customs post. Peter was a fisherman. Well known apologist Ravi Zacharias was a failure in many ways. He tried to commit suicide by ingesting poison from the Chemistry lab in his university. While in the hospital, the Youth for Christ director left a Bible, with a verse marked for him to read: “Because I live, you will also live.” (John 14:19) The doctor asked him, “Do you really want to live? We can make you live again by getting the poison out. But we cannot make you want to live.”

In the hospital, Ravi prayed, “Jesus, if you are the One who gives life as it is meant to be, I want it. Please get me out of this hospital bed well, and I promise I will leave no stone unturned in my pursuit of truth." He kept that promise. Today he is a charismatic and visionary speaker, an apologist who leads a team of global speakers defending and articulating the Gospel and our Christian faith. We can say he is very successful. But there are many followers of Christ who are not so well known, sowing seeds as they drive taxis, serve meals, sew clothes in a little room. God does not choose us because we are successful, charismatic, intelligent. He chooses us, period. The question is, do we choose Him? 

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  1. Beautiful painting and message. I like how you state that professional callings are as important as clerical callings. We are all chosen and loved by God. hugs, Teresa


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