Friday, September 21, 2012


After looking through my backgrounds,
and inverting them this way and that, 
I finally found her!

My tax collector!

In the 9th Chapter of Matthew,
Jesus calls Matthew, a tax collector,
to follow Him.
And Matthew follows.
At Matthew's house, Jesus is surrounded
by other tax collectors and sinners.

Jesus said time and again that he came
for sinners,
not the righteous.
And so he was always in conflict
with the Pharisees, who though more faithful 
to Jewish law,
could not accept His teachings! 

When we realize that we are all sinners,
then we will be more grateful of what 
Jesus did for us.
When we realize how much we need to be forgiven,
then we will be able to love more.

Every week I choose one wonderful
visitor who leaves a comment
to receive an ATC from me.
(I know how much time and effort
it takes to leave a comment!

I love to visit but sometimes,
it is such a pain to leave a comment
because of all the word verification
and different passwords, etc.)

This week Random Number Generator
chose Eliza of Queenartoypia
She makes really lovely intricate cards
and collects ATCs.
Eliza chose the woman with the short red hair.

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  1. I love to see the progression. Love your weaving of scripture. :)

  2. Hi Patsy. I love all your pieces, especially your atc's. Nice work.Love the scripture. Happy PPF!

  3. Lovely work. Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. Wonderful paintings!

  5. Beautiful creations ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  6. Lovely, lovely work again!
    So prolific, Patsy!!

    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  7. Hi Patsy! What an awesome title. Yes, praise God...we are FORGIVEN through the precious blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ. I couldn't bear the thought of not knowing my sins are covered by the blood. Thanks for sharing this BEAUTIFUL piece of art with us in our challenge at Word Art Wednesday. I appreciate having EVERY piece of art shared in our challenges, because i just LOVE to see it all. I encourage you to link up each piece you make so that I/we can enjoy it. Thank you for being a blessing and encouragement! Have a blessed week creating for the Lord, and praising His name.
    Karen L
    Word Art Wednesday

  8. Beautiful images... I'm always impressed by how prolific you are with your artwork - and they're always beautiful and encouraging!

  9. as always, your work is so beautiful and from the heart. Happy PPF!

  10. How nice are you! I love the layers you use and so much awesome meaning to each piece. Happy PPF!

  11. Love that second piece, made me think. Have a great weekend.

  12. i really like how you incorporate lettering and quotes into your art work. very pretty!

  13. Beautiful work!

  14. Good job his. Saludos

  15. I just love how you can find faces in your backgrounds . This is a beautiful post, complete with scripture.

  16. I find the word verification a chore as well... I certainly don't find your work a chore in any form... it always refreshing seeing your lovely colours and line work...xx

  17. I just love your fresh, and spontaneous!

  18. Oh my. This is my first visit to your site! What beautiful art you create! Wow. This is really amazing--what a gift you have! Just beautifl!!

  19. Beautiful sparkling work!

    He came for lost, the broken, the wounded.

    He came for us!!

  20. What an interesting perspective to present the scripture in reverse, "The one to whom little is forgiven loves little."

    As always, I appreciate your art work and perspective. My former husband and children's father is Filipino, so I have been to your country quite a few times.

  21. This was a wonderful thread really enjoyed the information !…

  22. Beautiful. I enjoy seeing your new creations each week. Thank you for sharing on Spiritual Sundays.\

  23. There are two striking things about this for me. First, you keep looking until you see. You had to turn the backgrounds to finally find it. But you do have eyes to see.

    Secondly, just this week I was having the conversation about how Jesus was better able to make disciples from the tax collectors and even the woman caught in adultery, than with those who knew it all. When we understand how much we are sinners, in need of grace, then we really "get" it.

    What fun to see it all come together for me here in this post. Thank you for faithfully sharing in the True Vine Challenge!

    (PS I'm passing your blog along to my friend Kelli. I think she'll really like what you're doing here.)

  24. Your work always speaks for itself...lovely!

  25. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Ypur art work is incredible! I am so glad I stopped by to see it. What a wonderful surprise! I love the piece that features Mary at Jesus feet. I wrote a blog about it because it has such a special meaning to me. It is titled "It's Not About The Hair". Your illustration is perfect.
    Blessings to you.

  26. How thankful I am that the Lord visits sinners. Where would I be without that acceptance? His unquestioning love drew me to Him. And after 40+ years the love of God has never failed me.


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