Monday, September 03, 2012

Be Doers of the Word!

"Well done, 
my good and faithful servant.
Since you were faithful in small matters,
I will give you great responsibilities.
Come share your master's joy."
Matthew 25:21

I like this story very much because
it shows that God gave each of us
gifts and talents.
When we use it,
when we make it grow,
then we share in His joy.
As a Father who loves us,
He wants us to bloom and grow,
and one way for that to happen
is to use the gift of creativity
He gave each of us.

Is your gift in cooking,
in dancing, singing,
business, teaching, prophesying,
mothering, organizing?
Recognize it, use it.
It may be a small seed at first,
but if you practice, if you use it,
develop it, learn more,
it will grow into a blossoming tree
that blesses others!
"Be doers of the Word,
not hearers only!" James 1:22

Let us live out what we learn
in His Word!
Let us not let it pass in and out our ears!!!

Each week I choose one from those who comment
to pick an ATC for me to send them
as a thank you!
I so appreciate your taking the time
to comment!
I will pick a name when 
I come home this afternoon.

I love blog parties!
Won't you join us?


  1. I so love the message and your artwork! Thank you.

  2. Yes, I thank God for the gifts and trying to use and develop them as much as I can. You are doing very well Patsy. Bless you sister:)

  3. All work is important and what ever our talent we must offer it unto the Lord, Your art work is so beautiful and illustrates how we love and serve our God. Your prose is so meaningful as you explain our place in the kingdom.

  4. Great verse, beautifully expressed! Oh, and September 7th is our next RJD link up- as always you are welcome, sweet Patsy!

  5. Beautiful - as always! Your art + Words = beautiful blessing!

  6. What I also love about the story is the fact that God trusts and have faith in us. The words manifest that someone always believes in us and is willing to give us opportunities to make things happen. Thank you for sharing Patsy!

    By the way, I recently finished my scrapbook from Papemelroti. If you still remember, you commented in one of my scrapbook attempt updates. You were asking if I used a Papemelroti journal.

    And oh, I'm watching your feature now at Powerhouse :D You are blessed with a great home and family.

  7. Hello, Patsy
    I am always inspired by your beautiful talent. It warms my heart and calms my spirit.
    God has richly blessed you!
    Teresa in California


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