Monday, September 17, 2012

Journey of Discipleship

Last Saturday, I chose from
 all the backgrounds I had prepared
to look for a sad face.

"Behold your mother," Jesus told the disciple John
when they were both at the foot of the cross.
If Mary had a diary,
what sorrows would it contain?
She had to deal with challenges
no one on earth had an answer for!
And she kept all of this in her heart,
she pondered them.

Perhaps if we pondered more often,
we would be able to deal with our trials better!

Then on Sunday,
I looked for someone with a cross.

Here, she is! 
"Whoever wishes to come after me,
must deny himself and take up his cross
and FOLLOW ME." 
from the Gospel of Mark, chapter 8.

This is a difficult passage, 
definitely not a feel good verse!
But this is what discipleship entails. 
We are all on a journey.
We each choose who to follow! 
Are we following the One who 
denied Himself so that we could have 
FULLNESS of life?

This morning, I started with this background.

"I do not consider myself worthy
to come to you." Luke 7
This is from the story of the Centurion whose 
servant was ailing.
He wanted Jesus to heal his servant
but he thought that he was not worthy
for Jesus to visit his house.
If only He knew!
we are ALL not worthy,
and yet,
Jesus wants to dwell in our hearts! 
Aren't we soooo blessed
that Jesus calls us on
to follow Him,
and He wants to disciple us,
EVEN if we are unworthy?
May we all learn to ponder
these truths in our hearts,
like Mary,
and for sure,
we will be able to deal with
whatever comes our way today! 

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  1. i love your art so much. every painting
    depicted the scripture beautifully.

  2. What an inspirational post today too. It went to the core of my heart. Bless you patsy for your heart is where it suppsed to be. In God's heart.

  3. I always love seeing your artwork! Great message -- beautiful pictures!

  4. Beautiful artwork joining from Inspire Me Monday -

  5. wonderful new pieces - adorable !

  6. Beautiful creations I love the colors of you backgrounds and your illustrations and quotes on them ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  7. Absolutely beautiful. I love how you share your thought process and what you look for. Thanks for linking up this week!

  8. I go digging through my various backgrounds too. I love that they are just waiting until I am read to discover the magic waiting in them-just as you did here!

  9. Your art truly touches me.

  10. I just LOVE your artwork! So moving....

    I also really enjoy how you bring the word to life powerful!

    Visiting from the Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood party

  11. Congrats Patsy - you are featured this week at Inspire Me Monday at Create with Joy!

    Beautiful artwork and inspiring scriptures and stories as always! :-)


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