Friday, September 07, 2012

With Obedience comes Blessings!

 I am going to a party tonight
(after I join Paint Party Friday, that is!)
and we are honoring a friend
named Andy.
So I painted this for the scrapbook
we are presenting to him tonight
to honor him for a life well lived.
The verse from Proverbs 27 reads,
"As iron sharpens iron,
so one man sharpens another."
Andy has been instrumental in
helping to form my husband today.
Andy was his leader when my husband was younger.

Luigi said in his honoring:
"I can narrate a lot of other stories about Andy 
but all will amount to one thing – 
he is a man who has met the Lord 
and strives to love him and to make him loved!"

 I can't take full credit for this portrait.
I usually draw women
or men with beards (like Jesus and my husband).
Andy doesn't have a beard.
So after I did my part, my son said,
"Mommmmm, looks like a woman!"
So I had my brother Robert fix it up
and now it looks like Andy!
Thank you Robert, you are GRRRREAT!

 I am using a new journal today, yehey!
This one is from Alunsina books.
I love handbound books, especially
with Coptic Binding.
This kind of binding dates back to the 2nd C AD
and was developed by the Copts,
a group of early Christians in Egypt.
I like to think I'm writing on a journal with
some kind of connection to the early Christians!

 Here is the background I started with this morning.

 And here it is illustrating a verse from 1 Cor. 4:5:
"He will manifest the motives of our hearts,
and then everyone will receive
praise from God."

"Do you believe that your Father is searching out 
every trace of goodness within you
so that He can lavish praise on you?"

This is my first time to come across this verse 
and I appreciate it so much.
Instead of the stern image of God that a lot of us have,
here is God who is smiling upon us every time
we try to encourage others, help others,
do good deeds, etc.

"At Your command, I will lower the nets."
Luke 5:1-11

After Peter obeyed Jesus and lowered the nets,
he caught so much fish, the nets almost broke apart.
This is what obedience to the Lord can do! 
Overflowing blessings!

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to Andy, ma'am Patsy! I'm he'll be touched by it. And your son's remark is funny hehe

    Obedience to God is a challenge I work on everyday. Thank you so much for reminding me about it again, today! God bless! <3 :-)

  2. Oh, what a great job with the portrait! SO your whole family has an artistic gene! Wonderful Patsy! I love that you shared this new journal... and the process. I know I say it every time but I am so blessed by you. Please link up for Random Journal Day! We are only doing it once a month now- the first Friday of each month...12 AM- hope to see you there! Thank you for shining in the Blogosphere faithfully!

  3. Hi Patsy! You have a beautiful journal to fill with inspiring words and great works. For me obedience meant deeper than following His will. I guess being obedient also mean trusting and believing in His love and greatness.

    Happy weekend Patsy!!

  4. Hi Patsy! got the ATC yesterday! thank u so much! will post a pic when my time permits... :)

    love the journal... and love what you and you robert did for Andy...

    keep shining and inspiring! :)

  5. Wonderful page/book made for your friend, he looks great! Powerful chin! Nice eyes!
    A family affair!
    Love the bound book too!

  6. Stopping by to say hi from Faith Fill Friday hop! Hope you have a great weekend. Visit me back at

  7. the journal is just beautiful and your tribute to your friend is wonderful... I am sure he will treasure it...xx

  8. Lovely tribute, just wonderful - as are your journal pages! HPPF!

  9. I love the scrapbook cover you made for your friend. And the new journal - what a pretty background and picture. Do you sell your artwork in your family's store?

  10. Always fun to see what you and the Lord have been creating : )

  11. What a beautiful gift. Andy sounds like an amazing man.

  12. Great drawing and wonderful drawing - Andy is a lucky guy!

  13. Patsy,
    Your portrait is a wonderful tribute to your friend, Andy.
    He'll love it!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  14. beautiful journal pages!

  15. I love the artwork and portrait. All of it is so beautiful!

  16. Each week I come for a visit and a blessing and I am never disappointed. (Only thing is that something on your blogs slows up the keying in of my comment typing???) Patsy, your work is so beautiful. I love the tribute portrait. So your brother is also an artist? Keep up the inspiring works of art!

  17. What a wonderful gift for a dear friend. Have a wonderful time at the party. Also enjoyed seeing your new journal pages and sayings.

  18. What a wonderful gift for your friend Andy. Your artwork is amazing & so beautiful!

  19. Wonderful gift for a special friend! wow the people in your life are truly blessed by you!

  20. what a lovely tribute. i'm sure your friend will be very moved!

  21. What a wonderful gift!

  22. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Hey I always feel better when I finish with one of your posts and I've been a fan a long time. Good to see you again. Blessings Terri. I'm the Neon Green & Pink Avatar this week.

  23. Wow! I especially like the picture of the blessing of obedience where you illustrated the lowering of the inspire me to use more color in my journals again! Thanks!

  24. The TRIBUTE art is wonderful. What a thoughtful gift.
    Happy PPF!
    Sheri Cook/Happy Horse Studio

  25. What a lovely, positive post - I am so glad you were able to honour this man in such a personal way. I also like the title of your post - I have written about something God has called me to do on my post today, and your title encourages me as I strive to be obedient!

  26. Beautiful art! Love it!

  27. Beautiful artwork! Glad I came here today

  28. What a beautiful way to honor your friend. I'm sure he will treasure it. I love the new journal. I'm addicted to them and recently purchased two that were made in the hHimalayas. The paper is amazing. Alas there's no artwork in mine. :-)

  29. What a wonderful tribute. Your friend is blessed to have you and your husband for friends. As always, I think your artwork is great.

  30. What a lucky friend. I love that you and brother worked on the portrait. It will make the work extra special for your friend. Beautiful.

  31. This page is a great tribute to someone who means so much because of your husband. The verse(s) in this blog are beautiful and meaningful to me. Thank you. I had heard of coptic books, but didn't really know what they were. I shall search them out. Blessings, Janet PPF

  32. What a wonderful gift and tribute to such a great man! I think that is so neat that you and your brother worked on the piece together. It looks beautiful! I am sure he will treasure it!

  33. All of your pages are wonderful Patsy.


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