Saturday, November 03, 2012

Cheering Us On!

"Who are these wearing white robes?"
Revelation 7:13

November 1 and November 2
are days here in the Philippines
when we visit our loved ones 
who have gone ahead.

For the long weekend, 
my family and I went to the beach.
There was no Wifi 
and I was not able to post!

My favorite part about our beach trip
to the Peninsula de Punta Fuego
was the little turtles that 
the conservationists let go into the sea.

We were cheering on 115 little pawikans
(filipino for marine turtles),
and I was reminded of how
the saints cheer us on.

When a little turtle fell into a sand dimple,
when he turned over, the crowd would groan.
When he would get up,
we would cheer.

We would shout, "You can do it!"
"Almost there!"
I can imagine the saints doing the same thing 
for us here on earth!!!!

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  1. Lovely paintings and lovely words - happy PPF!

  2. Beautiful always your thoughts, art bless me. RDJ is open if you want to link up. I was a bit discombobulated with the hurricane as far as being organized in advance BUT still so want to have you featured. In His Grace, Dawn

  3. I absolutely love the image of cheering on the little turtles as an illustration of how the heavenly crowd cheers us on! Always inspiring!

  4. I agree with Cindy - I like the visual of heavenly crowds cheering us on. Your pictures are all so bright and pretty.

  5. Hi Patsy! This is amazing, and I just love seeing those sweet little turtles. Thanks for sharing this. I don't know if you saw my note about your other entry not getting linked to the challenge. Thanks for sharing this one!
    Karen L
    Word Art Wednesday

  6. Those tiny turtles look so amazing your work!

  7. I love those tiny turtles and what an amazing thing to watch. My husband saw the same thing happening in Sri Lanka when he was a teenager and still talks about it.

    The colours in your artwork are beautiful.

  8. Watching the turtles sounds amazing! I'd love to see that someday. Happy belated PPF!

  9. i love your paintings and encouraging words!

  10. I love the turtle story! They are so sweet. I always love your lettering. So pretty how you arched the words up around her in that first piece!

  11. Beautiful tribute to those who have gone before us. Lovely.
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  12. Hi Patsy - thanks for linking! ALso when I came back I realized I missed the turtles on the first read through! Wow- sweet! How did I miss that? Happy Monday!

  13. lovely art and I love the story of the turtles!

  14. I love you turtle story. ;)

  15. What a beautiful painting Patsy!!! The thought of you all cheering on those little turtles filled my heart with joy. Think how much better this world would be if we all spent time cheering each other on. Thanks for sharing with us at Word Art Wednesday. Blessings!

  16. My favorite of the three images is the one visiting the gravesite...remembering our loved ones...this piece reminds me that life after life is a hopeful and vibrant place.


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