Monday, October 21, 2013

Heaven's Treasures

Join me as I do 31 Days of posts,
writing from the HeART!
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"One's life does not consist of possessions...
Be rich in what matters to God." Luke 12:13-21

God placed eternity in our hearts.
That is why sometimes we have a yearning
for something more.
We belong in heaven, and we are here 
to prepare to be citizens in heaven.
Te easiest way to learn is to
go to the Master and read His words
in the Bible.
He tells us that we should not accumulate
earthly riches because we can't take this with us
where we are going.
We should invest in treasures in heaven.
We can exchange our pesos, dollars, euros, yens,
not by going to the foreign exchange
but by giving to God's work.
Tithes, donations during calamities,
having a birthday party in the prison, 
buying soap and books and cookies
for orphans, helping widows,
helping to build a home for the aged, etc.
Heaven's treasures are PEOPLE!
That's why Jesus paid the ultimate price-
His life!

It is not easy to stockpile 
heavenly treasures AT FIRST.
Just as it was not easy for me to pray
for 5 minutes when I was young!
It seemed as if 5 minutes was an eternity!
But now an hour flies by so fast.
It is the same with money.
Give a little at first, partner with God,
and He will train you if you tell Him
that you want to invest in treasures in heaven!

I listen to God's financial advice
and I try to put my money where there is no risk!
How about you?

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  1. What a wonderful and heart-felt blog post. Your art is always SUCH a blessing to me. Thanks for sharing with us!
    Be blessed,
    Word Art Wednesday

  2. Another wonderful ATC, Patsy! Love your color combos and of course the spiritual essence of it all. Thanks so much for blessing us with your artwork this week at Word Art Wednesday. Hugs, always!

    JO ANN

  3. I have had such a hard time keeping up with all the fabulous 31-Day posts. I didn't even know you were doing a series with all your beautiful art work.

    I really like this, Patsy--the encouragement to just begin, to remember we are all children and are learning how to keep company with God. He is the One who grows us up to maturity. We need simply to take His hand and begin.


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