Friday, May 30, 2014

DIY Weekend: Mrs. Whatsit

I like to recycle, or upcycle,
as we prefer to call it now.
Would you like to make 
your own Mrs. Whatsit?

First, assemble the materials.
Mrs. Whatsit is made out of a plastic bottle,
newspaper strips, laundry starch,
the round dome that covers my favorite KFC Krusher
yogurt drink (use any dome shaped cover!),
and scrap cloth, lace, buttons, etc..
You will also need masking tape,
and carbon paper, a pencil, 
acrylic paints, a paint brush, and a glue gun.

As I didn't know what I was making,
I did this the hard way.
It's best if you already make the form,
attaching the head,
before putting newspaper dipped in
laundry starch over the form.

Here is the cover of the KFC Krusher
which I attached to the plastic bottle 
using masking tape.

Cover the form with the paper mache.

Here is how I made the arms-
I just rolled some newspaper the length
of the arms, held it together with masking tape,
then covered it with paper mache.
Then I bent it a bit and put 
masking tape to hold the shape.

Dry this very well.
It will take a day or even more,
unless you put it under the sun.

Cover the face and hands
with wall putty or gesso.

Draw the face on paper.

Then trace your drawing on to
your gessoed face with carbon paper.

Here she is!

I used acrylic paints for her face and hands.

Now for the fun part.
I always like rummaging through my stash
to choose what fabrics I will use for
dressing up my doll.

Use a glue gun to attach Mrs. Whatsit's clothes.
You can also use needle and thread of course,
if that's what you prefer!

Use a glue gun to attach 
her sleeves.

And be sure to put some lace to cover
the frayed edges!

Put on her arms (using a glue gun, of course!)

Embellish her dress with some lace, buttons,
ribbon, or whatever you like!!!

I didn't find any yarn or rope 
so I decided to cut up an old sweater.
But you can use all sorts of  
materials for hair!
Once I tore a chambray shirt into strips
and used that!
To attach hair, I used my trusty old
glue gun! So easy!
I am sooo happy with how
she turned out!
You can also make her 
into a bank by making a slit
in the plastic bottle.
Then don't close up
the back of her dress,
so you can slip the coins in!

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  1. What a precious doll! You are so talented! I am learning to make dolls and having so much fun! Hugs, Diane


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