Friday, May 09, 2014

Paint Party Friday: Chosen Instrument!

I intend to paint Saul today, St. Paul, 
as he was later called.
And I chose to trace Matthew McConaughey
from Time Magazine.

 St. Paul is such an interesting fiery character.
Imagine him going after the new Christians
with such passion that he would 
"breathe murderous threats"!!!

But God CHOSE him:
"this man is a CHOSEN INSTRUMENT
of mine to carry my name
before Gentiles, kings,
and children of Israel..."
Acts 9:15

"God took all that energy that was 
misspent, redirected it 
and harnessed it in a holy way"
as Scott Hahn said in this video.

I like to think we are all 
chosen instruments in some way.
God can use our gifts, talents and passions
and harness it in a holy way!

Think about what gifts and talents 
God wants us to use for Him!

 "The bread that I will give is 
my flesh for the life of the world.
John 6:51

"The BREAD that I will give
is my FLESH for the LIFE of the world." 

John 6:51
I was so excited to listen to  

Dr. Brant Pitre's lecture
about Jesus and the Jewish 

roots of the Eucharist.
One of the points he brought out
was that the mystery of the 
Trinity is foreshadowed in the
tabernacle of Moses.

The 3 key symbols in the tabernacle were 
the Ark of the Covenant (God the Father), 
the lamp stand or the menorah 
with tongues of fire (Holy Spirit),
and the gold table with the
Bread of the Presence (Jesus).
In the Jewish Talmud it says that at Passover, 
the priest would take the table 
from the holy place of the temple.
And in the midst of the people,
the priest would lift up the table with the bread
and say, "Behold God's love ❤️ for you."

Thank You Lord for the bread that You give, 
Your flesh which You gave to give us life!
And thank You for choosing us to
be your instruments to spread
Your love to others!!!

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  1. Wonderful art. I love how you started this. Have a very nice weekend

  2. I love how you started the painting. Really great job. Hope you are doing well Patsy. Have a great weekend.

  3. Wonderful Paintings!! That is an very good looking Saul!

  4. You know I love ALL your work, but your Paul portrait is one of my all-time favorites!! Bravo, my friend!!! Hugs and blessings for a fantastic weekend.

  5. Amazing transformation of your "model" Matthew into a spiritual being. Thank you for your insights.

  6. The post is inspirational. The picture of Paul and scripture is really super. I think this is MM's best role. Thank you for taking time to share with us today at Word Art Wednesday. Many Blessings, Carole

  7. wow, this painting is amazing!

  8. Really terrific! Quite a transformation from movie star to Saint!

  9. Beautiful portrait of Paul!

  10. Beautiful work. I like the way you started the work. It turned out very lovely.
    Annabelle : )

  11. You did a lovely job in this painting of Paul.

  12. How interesting to see your inspiration portrait and how you interpret it for your painting. Amen to the message here! Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a lovely week! ~Deborah

  13. Thank you for playing along, Patsy!! You are the winner of my challenge!!! I hope you are able to play along with me again. God Bless U, and continue to shine HIS light for HIS glory using the talents that HE has blessed you with!!!

    Aloha, Jen


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