Saturday, March 20, 2021

Never Before

 “Never before has anyone spoken like this man.” John 7:46

The temple guards were referring to Jesus in this passage. They were all impressed with what Jesus said. 

There is a quote I like which goes: You can't have too many books. Indeed I have so many, I haven't read most of them. But the Bible is a different kind of book. So much wisdom, guidance, stories to ponder distilled into less than 80 books! Even if you read the Bible a thousand times or more, you'll get even more insight and understanding from its pages every time you read it. Because the more you read, the more God gives His Spirit! You will see that there is so much beauty and truth in the Bible! Can you imagine what John the beloved disciple said? He said that there were so many other things that Jesus did, and of course said, that even if the whole world was a library about Him, it could not hold all of it! I would have especially liked to have been there on the road to Emmaus when Jesus explained to Cleopas and his companion, beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, what was said in all the Scriptures concerning Himself! (Luke 24:13-35) That would have been awesome! 

Jesus' Word will not go back to Him void, without fruit, without effect (Isaiah 55:11). Jesus showed that when He curses something, it dies. I am almost sure Jesus blessed and confessed growth and healing and strength for all those who believe in Him. In John 17:20, He prayed for ALL those who WILL believe in Him throughout the ages. His Word has power, and that is why in spite of persecution, there is an explosive growth of Christianity today, especially in Africa, Latin America and even in China. Isn't it a miracle that the teachings of an obscure rabbi changed the world, and changed the way we measure time? If His teachings can do that, can you imagine what it can do for me and you?

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