Saturday, March 27, 2021

Through God’s Eyes

My dwelling shall be with them: yea, I will be their God, and they shall be my people.” 

Ezekiel 37:27

In the beginning of Ezekiel chapter 37, Ezekiel describes his vision of a lifeless valley of very dry bones. It’s a desert. As Ezekiel gazes at this desolation, God asks him, “Can these bones live? Can they ever have life in them again?” Ezekiel answers that only God could ever know that. But looking at the bones, it seems as if all hope is gone. 

God then tells Ezekiel to speak to the bones on the ground. He tells them to, “Hear the word of Yahweh, hear the word of God.” God will then bring breath, the Holy Spirit, a new wind, to these bones and they will live again and in this vision God does just that.

When we look at the present landscape, it seems just as bleak as this valley of dry bones. Of course economies around the world have suffered but ours is especially badly hit as it has contracted by 9.5%, the worst since 1946. About 4.5 million of our people have lost jobs. That’s not surprising considering so many businesses have laid off people or have permanently closed. If we take a look at the state of education, it can be depressing. I saw a grown man cry on TV bemoaning the fact that he can’t teach his children because he himself never got past grade 2. Then there are the rising suicide rates, and young people becoming mentally unstable. We hoped we were over the worst of the pandemic, but it’s back with even more ferocity. “Can we have life as we know it again? “ we echo the words in Ezekiel. 

If we look at this scenario, let us gaze through God’s eyes instead. He is doing a new thing, a major reset. Only He can bring a fresh, new wind through this desolation. He says, “Hear My Word, read My Word, and I will dwell among you, and guide you, and you shall be my people once again.” Instead of helplessness, if we focus on God, He will be sure and give hope. If He can bring a valley of dry bones to life again, it will be easy for Him to get our country and people on track again if we turn to Him. 

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