Monday, December 27, 2021

Yes Lord, I Believe!

 "... he saw and believed.” John 20:8

Would we be like the disciple Jesus loved, whose Feast Day we celebrate today, who saw the burial cloths in the empty tomb, and believed? Or would we be like some of the disciples in Mark 16:11, upon hearing Mary Magdalene’s testimony, “…they refused to believe it”?

The writer of the Gospel of Mark is John Mark, who traveled with the apostle Paul. When he settled in Rome, he wrote down Peter's recollections of Jesus' life. The last chapter of his writings are a short summary of what happens after Jesus' death,  starting from when the women discover the empty tomb. The disciples did not believe Mary Magdalene when she delivered the news that Jesus was alive. Neither did they believe Cleopas and his companion when they reported seeing Jesus on the way to Emmaus.

Jesus then appeared to them and rebuked them for their disbelief- “their stubborn refusal to believe". Do you think Jesus is frustrated with the disciples here? Disappointed? Is He thinking they are hopeless? That He can't depend on them? That they can't be trusted with the mission He wants to give them? On the contrary, right after rebuking them, He says, “Go into the whole world and proclaim the good news to everyone, everywhere." 

I can imagine Jesus being frustrated with the lot of us! We are being given so much! We are entrusted with so much treasure in His Word. What do we do with it? But then I know, because I see it in my own life, that no matter how much I fail, Jesus never gives up on me. He still gives and gives and gives! Every day, He opens up His treasure chest. And every day, I just want to shout, "Yes, God is good!" And yes, Lord, I believe!

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