Friday, January 21, 2022

Jesus Chooses Us

“He appointed Twelve…” Mark 3:14

Jesus chose the twelve to be His apostles, His companions and also those He would send out to preach. Many of them became saints, but one committed suicide after betraying Him.

Today is the Feast Day of Saint Agnes of Rome. She was obviously very beautiful because there are so many stories about how men desired her. But Agnes wanted no other but Jesus to be her bridegroom. She suffered martyrdom at twelve or thirteen years of age because she refused one of her suitors and he betrayed her as belonging to a Christian family. She was murdered during the persecution of Christians upon the order of the Roman Emperor Diocletian. 

In stories like Cinderella, the Prince usually ended up with beautiful maidens like Saint Agnes. The heroine was not only attractive but was usually good, kind, sweet, and generous. But Jesus is different. He, the Prince of all ages, sometimes prefers the ugly, vengeful, mean, vain step sister, doesn’t He? He did say He came for sinners like you and me. I believe if Judas the betrayer went to Jesus and asked forgiveness, he would undoubtedly have been forgiven, no matter what he had done. The problem was Judas thought he was beyond hope. 

No matter what we have done, we should never lose hope. Jesus chooses us again and again. We should be like the Apostles and spread that message to everyone who will listen. Jesus chooses us! 

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