Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Grain of Wheat

Today is the Feast day of St. Lawrence. This Saint was like the grain of wheat in the Gospel for today. “Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat. But if it dies, it produces much fruit." (John 12:24)

Perhaps many would say, St. Lawrence lost his life in vain. But I believe the saints and the martyrs are like grains of wheat, seeds of faith planted in the soil of men and women whose hearts' desire is to follow God. St. Lawrence was not a meek man, he was a very interesting character! He was deacon of the Church under Pope Saint Sixtus II at the time Christianity was outlawed. When the Pope was executed, St. Lawrence was then the highest official of the Church. As such, he was tasked to bring the treasures of the Church to the Prefect of Rome, for the use of Emperor Valerian.

St. Lawrence sold the sacred vessels and gave the money to the poor. Then he gathered all the widows, the orphans, the maimed, the leprous, the sick and brought them to the Prefect. “Here are the treasures of the Church," he proclaimed.

The Prefect got furiously angry that he had St. Lawrence bound to a gridiron and ROASTED!!!! There is a legend going around that St. Lawrence quipped, "This side is done, turn me around!"

But what he really said was, “Sheltered under the name of Jesus Christ, I do not fear these pains, for they do not last long.” Tradition holds that after St. Lawrence’ death, many turned to Christ as a result of his faithfulness to God and love for the poor. Yes, truly he was a grain of wheat that died and bore much fruit. May we follow his example in the sacrifices we offer for God and for our brothers and sisters every day. 

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