Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WOYWW: My Invisible Crown!

Last night I was making backgrounds 
and these were strewn all over my table when I woke up.
Maybe you can see the different bottle caps
and the cork I am going to use to add
more marks on it.

More backgrounds.
I like to make a lot so I have plenty to choose from
when i make my little paintings!

I want to draw a woman with a jar
and I am choosing from these two backgrounds.
I found her!

Do you see her now?

" We are merely jars of clay---
cracked pots, as one author put it.
Still, in our weakness and frailty,
Jesus wants to make us into vessels of honor, 
carrying within ourselves His presence 
and His promises.

He knows how weak we are, 
but He also knows that He has redeemed us
and made us into a new creation.
We are SO MUCH more
than  our human weaknesses and failings!
The question is:
"will I take hold of my heritage 
as a child of God?"

This is from The Word Among Us
which I read every day.

I am soooo claiming my inheritance
as a daughter of the King!

I always wear my 
do you?

Every week I choose one wonderful
visitor who leaves a comment
to receive an ATC from me.

(I know how much time and effort
it takes to leave a comment!
I love to visit but sometimes,
it is such a pain to leave a comment
because of all the word verification
and different passwords, etc.)

This week Random Generator
chose Anesha
She does scrapbook projects and cards.
She can choose which one she likes 
from the ones above.

Joining the lovely 
Julia for a 
peek at desks and projects!
I love blog parties!
Won't you join us?

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  1. I love coming here to get a look at your newest works of art. They are always so inspiring. I think that I must say that everytime I stop by. #10

  2. I am like you with backgrounds. But I would rather make backgrounds than anything else. Yours are always lovely. Happy WOYWW from #4.

  3. Oh my gosh your paintings are just beautiful love love love them all, the backgrounds look so cool....
    Happy WOYWW from #16

  4. Lovely paintings and colourful backgrounds.
    Famfa 13

  5. beautiful post! yes, to being a glorified cracked pot AND to wearing my invisible crown!

  6. I love your backgrounds. So creative and adds so much to your already beautiful paintings. :)

  7. Gorgeous backgrounds and always such inspiring words. Enjoy your week.
    Sandra @23

  8. I was telling someone the other day about this artist that creates her backgrounds and then brings forth these images like magic! Guess who I was talking about? waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  9. Beautiful backgrounds Patsy. I love the woman with the jar and I did see her once you pointed her out. Love it. Have a great week. vickie #87

  10. Wow, I love your work, it's fabulous to see the different stages, and I love those backgrounds. Sharon #79

  11. Very creative idea! I'm showing this to my grandkids to see if they'd like to give it a try. Thank you.

  12. oh you are so very talented - what an artist you are! love your backgrounds!

  13. Very pretty. I am being molded by the one and only 'true' artist too! #109

  14. I love your post today--I needed to hear that. I'm going to be thinking about my invisible crown all day...that beautiful thought is going in my art journal! Hugs! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh at #11

  15. I love how you find your pictures in the backgrounds... so clever and beautiful! Have a wonderful day!

  16. Stunning creations, love all the beautiful colours in your backgrounds. Can't believe I am seeing my name again. :)

  17. Forgot to say anyone will be wonerful!

  18. Lovely backgrounds...I am always amazed at how you find your figures in them. dani 123

  19. After 173 weeks, I did not know that you kept backgrounds in stock...what a great idea...and how do you see the picture on the background when you choose? see, I don't have your artists' eye!!!

  20. I found your blog earlier today from word art Wednesday and did not have time to leave a message,and when I saw your comment on my blog it reminded me to come look again. Now I am glad I did as I love being a child of the King. Yes, I try to wear my invisible crown every where so that people know who my Father is! Your art is beautiful and I have been thinking about doing some of this. You inspire me.

  21. I love this so much.

  22. I just love this blog post. It makes me think about how we will all have the opportunity to take our crowns, or jewels we have earned, and lay them at the feet of our precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ when we meet Him face to face. THanks for blessing and inspiring me, and have a God-blessed week.
    Karen L
    Word Art Wednesday

  23. I am always so inspired when I visit. I love your work and the way you create such lovely pieces to honour scripture.

  24. What lovely backgrounds and so many on WOYWW are great artists, I am in the wrong craft
    Bridget #3

  25. I like your work and the ATCs. I think they're lovely! Can't wait to see what else you do with your other backgrounds!

  26. Hi there Patsy, ah this is such a beautiful scripture - we are indeed unworthy servants as believers in Him, simple clay pots in the Master Potter's hands - to be perfected by His skill.
    I love the way you choose the backgrounds for your art too. Thanks so much for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #21

  27. Lot's of lovely colours!

    I'm a little late but still wishing you a happy WOYWW!


  28. Thats the beginnings of something beautiful! Tamika #34

  29. Patsy, it makes me so happy to peek in on your work. And...I think I have found the perfect place for the painting you gifted me with! I can't wait to show you. I'm looking for just the right frame then I will post some pictures. I'll let you know, friend. Love to you!

  30. Wow, what unusual paintings you do, I love them. They are all bright and colourful and the person who won the ATC is very lucky!

  31. Hi Patsy

    I am ashamed to say that, because I am terrible at blogging and visiting and remembering to do WOYWW each week (usually there is a very good reason), I haven't been to see your lovely creations for a while. I always know when I'm back though, because of your style of painting and your unwaivering faith. I could be shown your pictures and guess who they belonged to without being told too. I enjoy coming back (when I do)!!!

    Hope you are having a great week.
    With very big hugs and best wishes

    Paula x x x (#127)

  32. Happy belated WOYWW.


  33. Hi Patsy...Love how you found that image in the midst of the colors. Amazing! And yes, we are still being changed from one glory to another to the perfect image of our Savior Jesus Christ and it is a comfort to know that we cannot do anything to accomplish this. Jesus does everything for us and we simply have to yield. Everything is by Him and through Him. I love the way my Pastor put it: Our worst day is better than anyone in the world's perfect day. Our salvation does not depend on my accomplishments and is solely based on the finished work of Christ. Therefore, we rejoice! Thank you for blessing us with your art this week at Word Art Wednesday. Hugs!

    JO ANN

    1. Hi Patsy...I changed something in my setting and hope that enables you to reply to my comment. Thanks for letting me know. Hugs and blessings, always!

  34. OMG I LOve, LOVe, LOVE Your Painting,this is AMAZING!!!Wonderful Colors and Backruond,WOOOWWW!!!

    Hugs and Jeannette


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