Thursday, December 08, 2016

Let it be Done!

"Let it be done to me according to Your Word." Luke 1:38

Your Word. When Mary proclaimed in faith that she wanted all that the angel said, she opened up a portal of blessing. At first she was deeply troubled as anyone would be with the visit of an angel, not an ordinary angel at that! It was no less than Angel Gabriel, one of the Archangels, special emissary of God, who was also sent to Daniel in the Old Testament to explain his visions. Gabriel told Mary that she found favor with God, and she had a very important mission. Gabriel also told her that nothing is impossible with God. 

What was Mary's response? "Yes. Let it be done to me!" I believe if we listen long and hard enough, staying silent before God, we will hear His still, small voice. He wants to speak to us, and I do believe we all have an important mission. But sometimes we can't keep still. Yes, we come before God in prayer, but our mind is filled with a cacophony of voices. I have to do this today. I have to buy this. I have to tell so and so this and that. I have to be at this place at this time. Where is the space for God to speak to us? But all is not lost. We can go to God's written word, the Bible. We do not need to strain to hear Him. He speaks loud and clear. His story of His love for us is written for all who want a portal of blessing to open up. 

Yes, Lord! Let it be done to me! Let me experience all the spiritual blessings You bestow upon me in Christ! You chose me to be full of love. Your will and pleasure is that I be Your beloved adopted daughter! (Ephesians 1:3-12)

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