Friday, December 02, 2016

The Three Trees

"One thing I ask of the Lord, this I seek..." Psalm 27:4
Is there only one thing we seek from the Lord? Usually we seek many things from Him. Yesterday, we had our Bible Study Christmas party in the office, and my group was assigned to perform a play. We chose to dramatize the favorite children's story, The Three Trees. When the trees were small, they were dreaming of what they would become when they grew older. One wanted to be a treasure box, the second wanted to be a strong ship for mighty kings, and the third wanted to be the tallest tree in the world pointing to God. Well, one day they were all cut down. One was made into a feeding trough, the other a small boat, and the third was left in a heap of planks. They were all very disappointed. 

One night when a star shone over a small shed for animals, a young woman put her baby in the feeding trough, and the little tree realized that it was holding the greatest treasure in the world! 
On a sunny afternoon, a man and some fishermen got into the little boat. The man was so tired, he fell asleep. Then a storm brewed, rain fell and the wind rattled the tiny boat. But when the man awoke, he said, "Peace!" and the storm stopped. The second tree realized he had the King of heaven and earth riding with Him! 

As for the third tree, one Friday, he was yanked out of the pile of planks and carried along streets through angry, jeering crowds. Then a cross was formed, and a man nailed on him. The tree felt ugly and cruel and so sad. What was happening? All his dreams shattered to nothing. 

But on Sunday, the world trembled with joy, and the third tree realized that forever after, when people looked at him, they would remember God! Yes!

Like the three trees, we may be disappointed with how things are turning out in our life, but we should always remember that God always has a better plan for us. 

One thing I ask for, this I seek, to live my life according to God's plans and purposes for me! 

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  1. Beautiful story and painting. TFS Blessing hugs,


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