Saturday, December 10, 2016

Revive us!

"Revive us so we can call on Your name once more." Psalm 80:18

There is nothing I want more than a cool refreshing bath after a whole day in Divisoria, jostling crowds of people, dodging carts, haggling with shop vendors, being touched and prodded by the old and young begging for money. The dust mixed with perspiration and the heat make it unbearable sometimes. But what a treat to scrape off all the grime! It makes you feel like a new person! 

Spiritually we can accumulate filth too. If only we could physically feel the dirt that piles up in our hearts when we are envious, impatient, unloving, stingy, angry, uncharitable or merciless. If only we couldn't sleep at night when we have anything in our spirit that does not please our Heavenly Father! 

Lord, this Advent, may we look deep within our hearts and minds and see ourselves as You see us. It may dismay and disgust us, but only You Lord, can refresh us, revive us, make us new creatures with a new heart! Nothing is impossible with You! 

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