Sunday, December 04, 2022

This is the Way

While from behind, a voice shall sound in your ears: ​“This is the way; walk in it,” Isaiah 30:21

We are living in the time that Isaiah prophesied about because our Messiah has come. And in this utterance of the prophet, he says that we will be able to hear God guide us. Can this be true? 

I personally know it to be true. My late brother-in-law told me that if we want to know God’s voice, we have to continuously talk to Him, listen to Him, until His voice becomes so familiar you will know if the “party line is interrupting”. Many young people won’t know what a party line is. It is a telephone line or circuit shared by two or more subscribers. When we use cellphones, we don’t have anybody trying to take over using the line but in the old days, we had to share one line with another household who would cut in at any time. 

I have experienced God’s directions with regard to His plan that I join a particular Charismatic community, whom to marry, reassurance my baby in my womb will be healthy, encouragement about building our house, assurance He had our business in the palm of His hand, etc. 

Sometimes God speaks through other people, even an announcer on the radio! I was having great difficulty breastfeeding and I wanted to stop. My husband wanted me to continue, so I went to a higher authority- God. I thought maybe God would give me permission! So one day, I was seated on a rocking chair, feeding my months old baby when I asked God, “Can I stop breastfeeding?” I was listening to classical music on DZFE, when the announcer suddenly said right after I asked my question: “Don’t quit! God doesn’t like quitters!” I had my answer! 

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