Monday, January 23, 2017

A House Divided

"If a household is divided...that household will not survive." Mark 3:25

Many of the posts on my Facebook wall show how deeply divided the American people are, much like what has happened here in the Philippines. Sadly there doesn't seem to be a place to meet in between. 

There is a fable about an old man, his successful family business, and his three sons who were always quarreling. One day the old man got so sick, he feared for his life and their business, and wanted his sons to be united in peace. He called them all, and asked each one in turn to break a bamboo stick. Each one was able to break the stick easily. Then he gave each one a try to break a bundle of sticks. Not one of them was successful. "You see how you can survive only if you are united?" 

This reminds me of our family business. Many people have asked why we don't divide the stores among each other. But we each have different gifts and talents, and we work well together. It is the same for our country. We should find a way to work well together, or as Jesus says, "A kingdom divided against itself will not stand." 

Lord, we pray for our country. We pray that we will be united under You. May we work towards the same goals of loving and serving one another in righteousness and justice. 

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  1. This is a great post especially with all going on in our country. United we stand divided we fall...


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