Monday, January 09, 2017

Here is My Servant

"Here is my servant...not crying out, not shouting..." Isaiah 42:1-2

Jesus said, "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth," in Matthew 5:5. Even if Jesus was meek, many do not want to be meek, as meekness is equated with being a whimp, a sissy, and who wants to be that? That is why we encounter many people who want to throw their weight around, who act entitled, and who get mad at the slightest offense. I can be like that, and if most of the time I am not, it is all God's grace! God and me, we are working on that together!

The Greek word for meekness means "the wild horse that has become obedient to bit and bridle, that has been broken in". So it is actually strength under control, under submission to the Master. Charles Spurgeon listed the qualities of a meek person, and he certainly is no whimp! He has to be humble, gentle, patient, forgiving, and content! So difficult to control our emotions, to have a mastery of self and be all those things! 

There is a story of George Washington one day talking to General Lafayette. An old black slave passed them, tipped his hat and bowed. "Good morning!" he said. George Washington stopped what he was saying, removed his hat, bowed and greeted the slave back. General Lafayette was surprised and asked: "Why did you bow to a slave?" And Washington answered: "I would not allow him to be a better gentleman than I!" 

It takes a strong man or woman to be meek. The best use of power is to use it over our lives, over our emotions, and over the words we speak. 

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  1. Interesting to here the qualities of the meek.

    "He has to be humble, gentle, patient, forgiving, and content!"


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