Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Don't be Lazy!

"Do not grow lazy..." Hebrews 6:12

I usually sleep early but I was unusually lazy and tired last night. We ate dinner at  5:30 pm and I went right to sleep right after. It wasn't as if I had a back breaking day. We just went to visit our stores in Glorietta and Ali Mall! And what do I wake up to? This verse in Hebrews 6:12! God certainly has a sense of humor!

Do not be lazy, Saint Paul admonishes the Hebrews. Do not be slothful, or become spiritual sluggards. Instead we have to be diligent and sincere in helping His people, in loving others. Indeed it is in loving that we show ourselves to be truly His children. It certainly is a mystery to me why God chose to make men and gave them free will. There's a saying that when a woman gives birth, it's like her heart is walking around in another's body. Isn't it the same way with God?

He loves each of us so much, that His heart and His Spirit dwells within us. I can't imagine how much pain that gives Him! In the Bible, we can read about how He loves, and forgives again and again until He bleeds to death from the effort! Can we love like that? I have no illusions about myself. I flat out can't. But God is saying to me, don't be lazy! 

Lord, may I continue to learn, to be diligent, to practice, and imitate the saints! 

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