Saturday, January 21, 2017

Out of his Mind!

"He is out of his mind." Mark 3:21

In another version of the Bible, this verse is translated, "He is out of his senses!", and in the Amplified Bible, "deranged!" What made Jesus' own people, His kinsmen, say that? What made his family want to take Him away by force? It was because there were crowds of people  following Him around, so many people that he and his disciples could not even eat a meal peacefully. What would you expect? Jesus had proven Himself a maker of miracles. Many were healed of the unhealable. Many were unchained from their own hell. I am sure if Jesus walked the earth today, uncontrollable crowds would gather and many try to touch Him. 

In 2009, an opportunity to serve and preach in the QC Jail opened up. My sister asked her husband Charlie if he wanted to go with her and do it. He turned to her quickly and retorted, "Are you crazy?!!!"  Well, Charlie apparently is crazy. He has been going almost every Friday since then to preach and interact with men with tattoos, and pasts that do  not bear examination. He knows self-confessed murderers, drug pushers, rapists, and innocent men put behind bars by corrupt police. 

I know many insane men and women who serve God without measuring how much sacrifice it entails. Lord, may others call us crazy for what we do for You. May we not be lukewarm, sitting on the sidelines, that no one, not even our families know that we are Your followers! 

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