Monday, January 16, 2017

New Wineskins!

"No man pours new wine into old wine skins." Mark 2:22

Having never seen an old nor a new wineskin, this analogy is lost on me. Nowadays Wineskin is an app you use so Windows software can run on the Mac OS. 

But what did Jesus mean? Wine skins made from goat, ox or pig leather are still in use in Spain and in the East. Old skins break easily if new wine is put inside because of fermentation. The new wine would swell and burst them open. I imagine myself listening to Jesus, following Him around. Would not His words be like new wine, exhilarating, fresh, original? Would not the words of the Pharisees and teachers of the law be in contrast, stifling, full of prejudice, and petty? I see Jesus healing on the Sabbath, and I experience freedom. I hear Him speak about the Kingdom of God and my heart sings. I listen to every word, and I follow Him. He doesn't turn me away. He wants me to listen. He heals the blind, the lame, the lepers! I too am made whole by His words, His touch. Nothing is the same! And the name too sacred to be spoken, Y-H-W?  I can call Him Abba Father now! 

Lord, I want Your new wine! Thank You that each one of us can drink from Your well, and never thirst! Thank You that You are as near as a prayer, and Your Spirit dwells in me!  

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