Monday, December 16, 2019

Adventure Story

“A star shall advance from Jacob,

and a staff shall rise from Israel.” Numbers 24:17A

It seems to me as if the whole of the Bible is an adventure story that we are very much a part of. How amazing it is that God used many people throughout ages and ages to fulfill His plan. From Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, and then much later, Mary and the disciples. They are all there to tell us of God’s amazing love and plan for us to join Him one day in heaven. 

I cannot resist but compare it in a way to all the surgeons, doctors, nurses and technicians, helping me in the hospital, to get me home for Christmas. It is not God’s plan that my blood should clot and form chronic emboli. The surgeon had to use His extraordinary skills to extract the calcified clots from my heart. In the same way, many of us have deeply ingrained sin and ways contrary to the ways of God. All is not lost, we just need to turn to God, and ask Him for help. He will help us this season of Advent, to welcome Him into our hearts and receive the extraordinary gifts of the Christ Child.

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