Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Call Loudly to God

“Call loudly to God..." Jonah 3:8

The story of the prophet Jonah for all its humor holds a very serious truth and lesson for all of us.  We Christians sometimes have a holier than thou attitude and have a tendency to think we know how God thinks.  Or perhaps we wonder why God is not punishing this or that person for his sin. Jonah was asked by God to preach against the great city Nineveh for their wickedness offended Him. Instead of setting off for Nineveh, Jonah took a ship to escape his divine commission, got caught in a storm, and was swallowed by a huge fish when he was thrown off the boat by terrified mariners. God commanded Jonah again to preach to the Ninevites so they will repent, and finally Jonah obeyed. He walked through this great city for three days, announcing, "Forty days more and Nineveh shall be destroyed."

What impressed me here was the King of Nineveh. He believed that Jonah's words came from God and he repented. He covered himself in sackcloth and sat in ashes. Then he proclaimed that the whole city go into a fast, cover themselves in sackcloth and call loudly to God. "Every man shall turn from his evil ways and from violence," the King announced. 

With the elections approaching, I cannot help but think that we should elect leaders who know how to be humble and accept God's correction. We should have a President who can lead us to turn away from corruption and greed, and selfishness. Just like God did not carry out the threatened destruction of the Ninevites, He will show his face of mercy towards us.  Lord, raise up men and women to lead our country on the path to righteousness. We need leaders who will listen to You and follow Your laws. We call out loudly to You O Lord, give us wisdom to choose rightly!

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