Monday, July 15, 2019

Break Free

“Broken was the snare, and we were freed.” Psalm 124:7

Many people are trapped, but they don’t realize it. Many people think it is freedom to go out late at night and drink, take drugs, indulge in casual sex or pornography. They are actually caught in a snare that is very difficult to break free of without God.

I like the story Kenneth Copeland told of his cousin Larry. Kenneth’s mother and his aunt were always praying for their sons, always, that they would go on the right path. Kenneth became a preacher after he married Gloria, but Larry, his cousin became a drug addict when he was really young. Kenneth’s aunt never gave up praying. One day, Larry’s pals told him that whenever he was under the influence of drugs, he was always talking about the Lord, so they did not want him around no more! “All you want to talk about is God!” they complained. After that, Larry got evangelized by listening to his own words! It sobered him up. The thing is some doctors told his mom that if he ever got off drugs, he wouldn’t be in his right mind, he would be a vegetable, because he had been taking it for so long. But she kept praying and did not give up. 

After he was freed from the snare of drugs, Larry took up Physical Therapy, and he got top grades. After Larry received his diploma, he commented, “Kenneth, that’s pretty good for a carrot!” 

Thank You Lord, we can depend on You to free us or our loved ones from the snare! We must never, never give up praying!

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