Saturday, July 13, 2019

My Life A Gift

"Not a single sparrow falls to the ground without Your Father's consent."  Matthew 10:29

Do we really believe that everything, big and small, that happens to us is known by God, is allowed by God? For that is what this verse implies. When a strand of hair falls from our head, or even an eyelash. If a mosquito bites us. If it's taking us forever to get a cab. When we get an autoimmune condition with no cure. 

I remember when I almost lost my only son Josh. He was a cute little baby, so smiley and charming, and had such a good disposition. I was right beside him when he was playing with a lion clip which I thought was too big for him to swallow. I turned my eyes away for a moment, and when I looked back at him, he looked as if he was about to vomit. I did not have any inkling whatsoever that he was choking on that clip! All I made sure of was I would not get vomit all over me or the bed. I carried him facing away from me to the sink,  pressing into his rib cage in the perfect position for the Heimlich maneuver! Out popped the clip! I was so surprised. Up till then I did not realize the danger my darling son was in! 

How many dangers have we been in that God has rescued us from ? Doctors say that there are so many diseases we are healed from that we don't know about. There are documented cases of life threatening diseases that go away spontaneously. My husband has had many close calls with death, an almost serious accident on the hi way that would have changed our lives, getting thrown off a racing carabao and getting a concussion, falling off a boat, etc. So how about those awful things that happen that God doesn't prevent? Does it mean He wasn't watching out for us for a second? 

Chiara Petrillo was 28 when she died from carcinoma in her tongue that had spread to her liver, lungs and one eye. Previous to that she had lost two children with malformations right after she gave birth.  “You can be happy already in this world, in spite of everything. If eternity is your reference point, everything that happens is actually very little," she declared with conviction. "Whatever you do, it will only be meaningful if you think about eternal life. If you truly love, you will realize that nothing belongs to you, because everything is a gift.”

Lord, may I see my life as a gift. You watch over me and You allow only what is good from Your perspective of eternity! 

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