Saturday, July 27, 2019


“An enemy has done this!” Matthew 13:28

Jesus told a very illuminating parable about the sower of good seed for wheat, and how he had an enemy who sowed weeds in his field. He told his slaves not to pull up the weeds because the wheat may be uprooted as well. This shows why God allows evil to prosper in our society. He also allows us the freedom to listen to the enemy when he tries to sow bad seeds of doubt, lack, insecurity, anxiety, fear, and deception in our heart. What word we listen to will transform us. 

When Rob and Aliss Creswell were a young couple with two kids, they wanted everything. A nice house, a car, etc etc. They bought into the voice selling them these dreams they could not afford and did not work for. One day Rob woke up with 5 crippling mortgages and an excruciating headache. He prayed in desperation to God, surrendering to Him, and asking what to do. He wanted to sell his house. God spoke to him and his wife Aliss, saying, “Wait.” They waited patiently on God and His instructions, all the while trying to get God’s mind for their lives. After 11 months, God then said, “Now you sell.” At that time the prices for house and lots in their area escalated so much that they were able to pay their mortgages, buy a new house and car in cash, and go to Bible School in the US for a year. 

What voice are we listening to? The world’s with all its fake news and lies about what will make us happy? There is only one truth and that is the one that comes from our Maker. Just like a manufacturer of a cellphone or a car, an air conditioner or stove, knows how to take care of its products, so does our Creator know what is best for us. Let us read our manual, the  Bible. 

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